Look who is defending, speaking for Ukraine!

BY: Kosi Kedem
A building shelled by Russia in Ukraine
A building shelled by Russia in Ukraine

Today, without exception, NATO, European Union and the UN speak for Ukraine.

However, they are neither fair nor brave enough to speak for and defend the sovereignty of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Korea, British Togoland, Palestine and Libya!

For a long time the West supported the hideous apartheid regime in South Africa!

In this COVID-19 year of 2022, precisely February 2022, NATO and the European Union (EU) knowingly and deliberately pushed, deceived, misled, lured and enticed naïve and starry-eyed Ukraine into war with Russia, christened the “big bear” by the West.

It is universally agreed that for some time now there has not been any love lost between Russia and NATO.

So, in all sincerity, and all jokes aside, conventional wisdom has concluded that Ukraine is just too strategic, too close and too near Russia to become a member of NATO.

Just as Cuba is too close and too near to the USA to become a place to install Russian nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

President John Kennedy did not allow such a thing to happen. You remember?

Of course, Russia will have none of Ukraine’s intent, good or bad, to join NATO or the EU.

It will never tolerate such a danger to its security and safety. Russia has made its position abundantly clear on this issue, in fact, many times; over and over again.

But the unholy alliance of NATO and EU would rather rubbish it.

They are not prepared to reason or listen to Russia’s genuine concerns. NATO and EU’s characteristic and retort, body language and posture have always been that Ukraine is a sovereign nation and she has the sole right to decide to which association or union it could belong including, of course, NATO; and how does that concern Russia?


Indeed, NATO and the EU have made it their policy to lure Ukraine into NATO just to provoke Russia and gain territorial advantage and influence.

In the course of doing that Russia has been denigrated, teased, ridiculed and taunted by the West and Ukraine.

Naturally, Russia got fed up and was sufficiently provoked to attack Ukraine in self-defence and to protect its national and territorial integrity and dignity.

Russia had to defend its national pride!

As could be expected a well-rehearsed frenzy, desperate and hypocritical cry emerged from the unholy alliance. Putin the dictator has attacked Ukraine without any cause.

Russia has declared unjust and unprovoked war against Ukraine. Let the whole world rally to the defence of Ukraine.

Ukraine is a sovereign nation and Russia must respect the sovereignty of Ukraine. United Europe and NATO ought to rise up in defence of Ukraine.

Russia is perpetrating genocide against Ukraine and all Europe and NATO must rise up to save its.

It is true that the sovereignty of Ukraine must be defended, protected and guaranteed by the world.

In fact, that is the right thing to say and do in the circumstances.

But the defence of the sovereignty of Ukraine should not be done in isolation.

The defence of sovereignty in general should be universal and apply equally to all nations, irrespective of size and socio-economic status.

It should not be selective or based on parochial self-interest or political expediency.
The question arises as to how the world, especially NATO and the UN, could justify the violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea and Iran by the USA and condemn Russia for violating the sovereignty of Ukraine?


It is very interesting and instructive that today, the UN, NATO, EU and the USA are acting in unison to demand the protection of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

They are in the state of hysteria and competing with each other to be heard and seen in their vociferous condemnation of Russia.

They demand the unconditional defence of the sovereignty of Ukraine.

They vehemently and unrelentingly cry out that Ukraine must be saved from Putin’s dictatorship and Russian occupation.

What is the world expected to say about the Island of Garcia that was insensitively and wickedly depopulated by Britain and sold to the USA for building a military base? What about the brutal regime change and violation of Libya’s sovereignty by the West?

Yes, admittedly, Ukraine must be saved and its sovereignty protected but what about the dignity and sovereignty of the other nations mentioned above?

It is more than clear that we live in a world of unmitigated double standard, duplicity and hypocrisy!

The writer is Former MP for Hohoe South.