Life’s most important lesson
Life’s most important lesson

Life’s most important lesson

The wise man told me: Son, I have been giving life lessons that are beneficial to your life and the generation unborn. You are now of age, a flash of my youthful days. When I had no choice but to prepare to leave the shelters and the confines of my dad's to make mine.

The last but keen and topmost important lesson is "The Choice of a Life Partner". This has been the most complicated lesson for men. No man, no matter how old and wise he is, has ever been able to finish the course of a woman.

However, the little I have for you son; I have had the lessons of my love life. Mine cannot be the same as yours despite you being my blood, you are in for a different chapter of your life.

A woman is like a hidden treasure in the muddy core, full of unpleasant dirt and smell. Yet, if it’s the mineral you need for your work; you have to search, mine, wash and refine it against all odds. A woman is the most complicated asset a man can possess; however, if well-managed, she can be your glory, respect and honour.

She is the part that can only make you complete; she is the part that makes you human. She will bear your name and through her, you shall build your legacy for generations. Anywhere your name will be mentioned, she will be acknowledged. You cannot assume any royal, powerful and highest position without her.

She will cease to be one's daughter to be yours. She is here to assume your mother's occupation for your mum to take a different duty as a grandmother, a life pensioner. She is full of unlimited resources, however, it depends on you to wisely be able to identify and tap for yourself and to serve your generational industry. She shall be your resource manager and life agent.

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