Breaking biases: Women their own enemies?

BY: Caroline Boateng

Last Tuesday, March 8, was the first time in my life of landing a “biiig” post that I had not applied, been interviewed for, thanks to International Women's Day.

Commemorating that day, the Editor of the Daily Graphic, Mr Kobby Asmah, graciously tasked the women in the Newsroom/Editorial to lead the charge in the production of the day’s paper.

Leading the charge as the chairperson of Conference (where news offerings for the day are deliberated on and selected for placement in the paper), and in fact, engineering all activities for the day’s work was the indefatigable and boisterous, Ms Mary Mensah, (aka: Eagle, DCOP, Anyemi).

The News Editor, Mr Samuel Ablordepey (the CEO of operations in the Newsroom) had to relinquish his post for the Assistant Editor of The Mirror, Mrs Hadiza Nuhu-Billa Quansah; while the Night Editor, Mr Samuel Stephenson Bio, had to give away his post to the Deputy Editor of the Junior Graphic, Mrs Hannah Amoah.

The chairperson authoritatively, commanded that I become the Chief Sub-Editor, displacing for the day, Mr Timothy Gobah Tengey, the acting Chief Sub-Editor.


Indeed, the day was all work and happiness as our chairperson, Ms Mensah, galvanised all, appointing and revoking appointments to ensure the best fit for the day’s tasks.
While appointing and revoking appointments, she cajoled, threatened (that she already had a template of query letters on her desk, waiting just to be filled with the names of those who would be tardy in their work or renege on responsibilities and duties).

Mrs Quansah, wearing the position of News Editor, with her characteristic elegance, took conference through the news items gathered.

Veteran journalists, Ms Adwoa Serwaa Bonsu was on the bill, supporting with her experience, while Head Designer of the Graphic Brands, Mrs Esther Somuah, picked up the camera to become the official photo journalist of the “International Women’s Day production of the Daily Graphic, displacing the Photo Editor, Mr Douglas Anane Frimpong.


After conference, the Newsroom was a beehive of industrious activity as the ladies, in a concerted manner, prepared the stories for publication.

The Deputy Head of Proof Reading, Mrs Angela Ogbe, ensured that all stories sent for proof reading were read with alacrity and delivered timeously, for us to meet timelines.

Under the direction of the Editor and with the support of our male counterparts, the Daily Graphic for Wednesday, March 9, 2022, successfully went to bed on time

Although the Chief Sub Editor was imposed on me, I had the singular pleasure of handing in pages allotted to me 30 clear minutes earlier than what my friend, Mr Gobah, had done in previous days.

Mrs Quansah, the last woman to endure to the end, ensured that the front page of the paper was built and submitted.

Next year, we have served notice, subsequently, that we would be celebrating International Women’s Week.

Women’s week

Graphic News ladies would like to stretch the boundaries and have a week, instead of a day.

Indeed, what stood out for me commemorating that day in my “biig” post was the collaboration, the camaderie, the support we gave to each other and what we had from our male colleagues.

It was a joyful and fulfilling experience.

It taught me that, no, women are not their own enemies. Most often, we cooperate and collaborate well.

I believe that the saying, “women are their own enemies” is foisted by the timid, who feel threatened by any progress of women.

I believe that if I had challenged the chairmanship of Ms Mensah that day, or been lazy or if I had failed in my responsibilities, I would have been her enemy, and that is only natural.

It is not a typically “women’s thing,” but a natural result when a person charged with a responsibility, fails to live up to expectation.

It happens to men, it happens to women!

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