5 Areas of development of resourceful graduate student

BY: Donkor Anane Samuel Kwaku
5 Areas of development of resourceful graduate student
5 Areas of development of resourceful graduate student

The need for the student to concentrate on academic work cannot be overemphasised.The student is to understand the programme of study and share in its experiences, which is the essence of contributing to problem-solving.

A minimum 3.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) over a total score of 4.0 or in such other dispensation a 60 per cent of the total score of 100 per cent meets most requirements in the usage of the academic transcript, better still a minimum of a Second Class Upper Division.

The rising rate of skilled labour in search of the few available jobs makes the need to put a grade expectation for employable candidates and choose the best amongst them.

The need for academic excellence and laurels coupled with further studies abroad is of much more importance and puts the student ahead of all others.

The student should prioritise academic work among other extracurricular activities with the thought that whatever the benefits of these activities, may not take the place of academic work. But when all said and done, students must pay attention to these five areas;

Writing sample

Writing samples include of articles, research papers, thesis/projects, narrative papers, other writing assignments, blog posts and press releases.

These demonstrate the student's ability to communicate thoughts and be heard.

The resourceful graduate student would have identified a problem and a need in a specific environment and will investigate challenges and propose solutions.


These essays include a personal statement, statement of purpose, statement of academic objectives, letter of intent and essays for academic admission, scholarship and fellowship opportunities.

These write-ups serve a specific purpose, the narrative of personal details, a summary of the background, things of interest, relevant experience, competencies, leadership skills and situations, positively contributed to, are a few of the things mentioned in an essay.

The student gathers these experiences from extensive reading and research in and out of the course outline.

The resource student will be interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM).

The student will seek knowledge in all these fields and be a resourceful in all discussions relating to these topics.

Personal data

Fingerprinting in identifying a person and its accuracy is undeniable, but so should a birth certificate, driving licence, social security & health cards and the like.
There should be consistent data and an affidavit to rectify any difference.


Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

The face of the curriculum vitae (CV)/ resume is ever-changing.

The resourceful student will seek relevant experiences and items on CV, including name, addresses, personal data/details, work and internship - job or employment experience with significant impact on your personal and professional development.

Also, education background, study abroad experiences, university, community, athletic activities, in which one has participated in, current or past, and offices or positions of responsibility during college, and in the community.

Furthermore, a list of the description of the honours, honours nominations (scholastic, civil, athletic, artistic, etc.), prizes, or other recognition, list of upcoming internships or job commitments, hobbies or special interests, special programme participation or training, etc. are all important mentions.

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