Twitter’s been working to address its bot problems for years, though the view is that it could do more, with bot accounts seemingly easy to identify for most users.

The question in the past has been whether Twitter actually wants to tackle bots, or whether it’s more beneficial for the platform to continue counting them as ‘active users’. With market pressure on Twitter to boost usage numbers, maybe, by turning a blind eye to some of these bot profiles, that helps to prop up those figures.

Going private eliminates that emphasis, and Twitter could, at least theoretically, now take stronger action on bot accounts.

It seems like Musk will be pushing for that, and it’s another area that Twitter has been developing, while a shift to increased accountability for all human users will, again, be of benefit here.

These are the three key pillars of Musk’s Twitter push - or at least, the ones that we know of thus far, and it does seem like these will be the focal points of his platform leadership when he takes over at the helm of the app.

Which could be soon, and while the deal is still subject to various approvals and processes, it does seem that we’ll find out very quickly what Musk’s plans are for the app.