TV adverts: the methods and the messages!

BY: Ajoa Yeboah-Afari

These days with money in short supply for most people but goods aplenty on the market, companies and manufacturers are using extraordinary advertisements, especially on television, to try and catch buyers. 

However, sometimes the methods employed by some companies to promote their product makes one wonder whether their TV commercial was pretested before being launched.

Take a seemingly new commercial that has recently come to my attention, for ‘KLEANZ’ hand sanitizer, whose producers have used a funeral scene to make their sales pitch. It features a bereaved house, people in deep black, wailing; and it highlights a central activity at funerals: handshaking.

We see some examples of habits which could be viewed as unpleasant if done at a gathering: including a man ferociously scratching his armpit through his wide open funeral cloth; a woman vigorously cleaning her teeth with a chewing stick; and someone cleaning a baby’s nose.

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All these are, of course, parodying what sometimes happens at social gatherings. The clear message is that after such unhygienic practices, there will be handshaking, thus one should always have a sanitizer ready.

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