NPP/NDC internal polls must inspire confidence

NPP/NDC internal polls must inspire confidence

The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) seems to be getting things right, at least per its internal elections. Over the weekend, the NPP took a major step to deepen its internal democratic culture by successfully organising regional conferences in 15 out of the 16 regions.

The nationwide exercise saw the retention of 12 chairpersons, with three new faces emerging in the Bono East, Western North and Eastern regions. Prior to that, the party had also successfully organised polling station, electoral area and constituency elections, all without hitches.


For the NPP to have undertaken these conferences peacefully demonstrates a certain commitment, particularly, among the footsoldier base of the party to showcase its readiness to work their socks off come 2024.

The truth of the matter is that, a lot will depend on the footsoldiers for the party’s success or failure at the next general election.

But while congratulating the NPP for going through a successful polls, the job is not yet over. Beyond the light is the pending elections for the national officers, the flagbearer contest and even the selection of their members of Parliament for the Ninth Parliament.

Nonetheless, now that the NPP has its officers right from the polling station, constituency to the regional levels, they must begin any healing to bring on board all those who lost in the various elections to ensure a well knit political party.

Winners and Losers

The election is over and this must be the time for the winners and the losers to bury all their differences for the sake of party unity.

Although defeat is painful, that is the essence of any contest. There will by all means be winners and losers. But it will always be a show of maturity for the winners to feel humbled and privileged to be voted into power to serve.

It will be important for them to extend a genuine hand of cooperation to those who lost so together they can work for the good of the NPP.

As leaders, winners must lead the efforts in the healing process by eschewing all forms of arrogance and remain humble at ensuring that the vanquished are made to feel welcomed and much needed in the party.

Delivering on promises

With those elections done, the focus will now be on the national elections and ultimately the choice of a flag bearer and parliamentary candidates for the 2024 elections. This calls for deeper engagements to ensure peace and a united front.

Without any doubt, the NPP can celebrate the fact that it organised a peaceful polls and nobody will begrudge them. But what is more critical at this stage is for the NPP to deliver on its juicy promises to the people of Ghana.

This is key because the NPP in government has made a number of appetite-wetting promises, some of which are being fulfilled but many others are at different stages of achievement.

Of note is the implementation of the Free Senior High School, One Ambulance, One Constituency, the One District, One Factory; and the Planting for Food and Jobs. There are other promises such as One Village, One Dam; One Warehouse, One District and agenda for job creation, among other promises, that are yet to be fully implemented or achieved fully.

It will certainly impact negatively on the party if the citizenry do not see the attainment of all of these promises. The time to deliver these promises if not most of it, is now or never.


But while the NPP is visibly organising itself for Election 2024, I am equally aware the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is also re-strategising for the 2024 general election. As part of the process of getting its act together, the NDC is currently doing a mop up of membership registration which will lead to the conduct of branch, ward, constituency, regional and national congresses. Adherents of democratic practice are all looking forward to a successful NDC internal elections, which will guide the party and other political parties to a successful internal reorganisation.

The anticipated success of the NDC and that of the NPP internal elections, since they are the two major political parties, will certainly inspire confidence in the electorate. No wonder, the two parties have taken turns to rule this country.

The other minority political parties cannot be left behind as I expect them to play a critical role in Ghana’s democratic dispensation. They should not surface only when we are going to national polls. I want to see more internal activities including reorganisation.


Fortunately, the Electoral Commission (EC) has rolled out its inspection of political party offices across the country as part of efforts to ensure that the parties were active on the ground. In the end, it intends to get rid of parties without offices and staff in line with the Political Parties Act. With 28 registered political parties, I hasten to ask if they are all active or some of them have “comatosed”? Why should we keep such a large number of political parties in the register when we know some of them are actually non-existent?

Multiparty democracy cannot be a funfair especially since it involves managing the affairs of the state. That is why I support the initiative of the EC to get rid of moribund parties, which exist in name but not on the ground. Our political parties are to analyse and critique government’s policies and provide alternative policies. Nothing short of this is acceptable since it puts their relevance to the nation and the people in question.

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