AB Crentstil to go gospel at LAL Ball

BY: Kouame Koulibaly / Graphic Showbiz / Ghana

If people want to know who highlife giant AB Crentsil is at heart, all they have to do is catch him at the MTN Legends and Legacy (LAL) Ball at the Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday, November 30 and hear him run through some of his faith-based or gospel tracks.

The Tema-based artiste to be celebrated on the night has about 25 albums to his credit. Like all other  artistes, it is not every song he has put out that has grabbed the general public.

Crentsil’s  most popular songs have turned out to be those that have him in his ‘ruffian’ element doing what he himself describes as the ‘laughable things.’

Songs like Akpeteshie, Moses,  Mesiafo Nto Nsa, Atea and  Osookoo  easily come to mind.

The man who turns 70 next January, however, has a sizeable collection of songs worthy of being described as gospel, sprinkled over his albums.

The good thing is that patrons at the MTN LAL Ball would have the chance to hear him do a string of songs that reflect his love,  trust  and abiding faith in God.

“AB Crentsil is a many-sided lyricist,” says an official at Imajin Advertising, organisers of the LAL Ball. “His writing reflects what he knows, feels, sees  and believes and that is why he cannot be pigeon-holed  when it comes to his lyrics.”

One of the songs that stand out in Crentsil’s God-centered  pieces is Onyame Sakra Me (literally meaning God Change Me). In the song, he talks of being fed up with  consulting gods and wishing to change his ways to walk with God.

Aboa Oni Dua  is a  direct  acceptance that God takes care of His own. A song that also showcases Crentsil’s deep appreciation of God is Obi Baa Wiase. It simply advises people to appreciate God and learn to count their blessings.

He tells the story of the creation in  Adam and Eve and in his usual funny way, stresses the essence of obedience in our lives. On  Adam Nana, Crentsil says God created us for His worship and  we must all come together and do that.

His strong faith in God is expressed again  in Onyame Wa Ye Ewie. The song emphasises  God’s faithfulness to His children:  
Take all your burdens and troubles to Jesus
And have big faith that He would always do it for you
God has already done it, God has already done it
 It is up to you to believe. God is always there

Spiritual Ghana is a  medley of  some popular Christian choruses while  Womma Ye Yi Ewuradzi Aye enumerates some of the wonderful creations of God and simply how magnificent He is. 

On Megyefo, Crentsil  describes Jesus as the  lover of his soul and many of his fans already know  his take on the Lord’s Prayer in the  song called  Our Father.

Apart from the direct references to God in some of the songs, Crentsil  also preaches on worthy Christian virtues  like  brotherly love, patience and thrift in songs like Odo Na Nipa Hia and Sika Nte Brofo.

AB  Crentsil has promised his fans a great show on Saturday and  they will definitely hear the extremely talented artiste sing loud and clear about his great faith in God  on the night.

Other performers  slated for the 2013 MTN LAL Ball include Efya, Kwabena Kwabena, Castro, Sherifa  Gunu, King Ayisoba and  No Tribe.