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Mon, Sep

Top Weddings Africa premieres on Viasat1

From left: Jennifer Koranteng, Louis Osei, Chris Ukata and Lexis Bill — the four in charge of the show


A new reality TV programme, Top Weddings Africa, which covers weddings within Africa premiered on Viasat 1 yesterday, Sunday August 7.

The TV programme will showcase the best of African weddings and the activities and preparations behind the scenes that go into making them possible.

And to steer into success the luxurious lifestyle programme which will air every Sunday at 8pm will be four of Africa’s finest TV personalities—Louis Osei, a broadcaster on Viasat 1, Lexis Bill of Joy FM, Nigerian Chris Ukata, a former presenter for music channel, Sound City on DSTV and Jennifer Korangteng, a banker and a former Miss Universe 2009 contestant. 

According to Guud Kelly, the Creative Head of the show, “the luxury lifestyle programme was inspired by the need by some Ghanaian directors to push and make possible some quality content on our local production scene and for television.

“ Especially in the time when our local television stations continually and aggressively bombard vieweres with telenovelas from every corner of the globe.

‘‘It is also inspired by how the wedding industry has suddenly grown into a humongous industry in the last 10years. It’s grown so much to include make-up artists, hair stylists, designers, photographers, decorators and engineers.

“ Five million weddings happen on the continent every year and consumer expenditure in Nigeria alone totals $160.9 billion, a figure expected to surpass $300 billion in the next five years.

‘‘The programme will therefore provide an avenue for people to experience African weddings at their best as well as the intricate preparations that go into ensuring success. 

“Top Weddings Africa promises to be a very fun-filled and educative TV show among the targeted audience’’, he added.