Actress Luckie Lawson says she has become too busy and forgets her friends' birthdays sometimes
Luckie Lawson

Too busy for friends — Luckie Lawson

Ghanaian actress/entrepreneur Luckie Lawson says she is so busy with work that she sometimes even forgets the birthdays of her friends.

Luckie Lawson goes on to disclose that she has been so engrossed with her restaurant, Luckie’s Place, and real estate businesses that nothing else seems to be going on around her.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz Luckie said, “It’s just been work, work, work and taking care of the kids so much so that I hardly know what else is happening around me. You won’t believe this but I hardly really know what else is going on, it is that serious.

“I sometimes even forget my friends’ birthdays and when I remember after about three or four days, I call them and always find a way of making it up to them.

“My friends are always fighting me because I don’t avail myself even for birthday parties and other such events but I always find a way to make it up to them, no two ways about that,” she stated.

Obviously, minding her own business is a way of staying out of trouble but Luckie says she does not put in any effort to stay out of trouble. “It’s just me, I am too busy to be involved in anything else, it is not deliberate that is just being me,” she stated.

Does she make time to go to events? “Yes, I do go for events if time allows me and if I am given enough notice, I do well to attend some events but not all the time, as long as my time will permit me, why not? I will be there.”

Luckie added that she has put acting on hold for now. “When the script comes and it won’t interfere with business in any way, I will go for it. For instance, I shot a series titled Storm last year but if shooting will interfere with my businesses then I am afraid I would have to reject it,” she said.

If asked to choose between acting and her restaurant, Luckie said she would choose her restaurant. “If I get one good script and shoot a movie once in a year, I will be okay but as for my restaurant, I am so passionate about it. It’s like the air I breathe. Besides, in these times, you can’t depend on movies when you have family and children.

“How many movies are you shooting in a month or even in a whole year? And how much are they paying you? You can’t survive only on acting so I will always choose my restaurant and real estate businesses over acting,” she said.

Luckie contended that though she had been in the restaurant business for a while now, it had not been easy. “There is always room for improvement but I am not doing badly at all, I can confidently give myself 10 over 10 if I am asked to rate myself. If I don’t who will?

“I am always trying to give the best customer care and excellent service at my place located at East Legon.

Luckie doesn’t comment on topical issues like some of her colleagues do and this is what she had to say to that. “Whether or not I comment what will change? Whatever is bound to happen will happen so I would rather not comment.

“If after all the talking, we don’t see an improvement in our health system and education or anything that will improve the nation, then there is no point,” she stated.

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