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Sex tape: Is Moyo Lawal culpable or innocent of leak
Sex tape: Is Moyo Lawal culpable or innocent of leak

Sex tape: Is Moyo Lawal culpable or innocent of leak

No doubt, Moyo Lawal consented to making the sex tape as it was obvious that she and her lover were actors in the making of it.

The video clearly shows that nothing was sneaky or mischievous in the making. But what has remained contentious is the leak. Who leaked the video? Moyo, intentionally? Or the lover as some act of wickedness?

The moment the video surfaced on social media, the general feeling was that some disgruntled lover was getting even. It was therefore, no big surprise when the majority stood with the actress, especially, her fellow women.

Moyo sealed the sympathy in her favour when she released a statement on the saga, absolving herself of leaking the video and pointing accusing fingers at the lover, even threatening legal action.

She made us understand in her statement that she was supposed to marry the man but fate had other ideas while the man did the unthinkable of violating the trust and the love they shared in their moments of senseless sexual ecstasy and the urge to document it for their carnal pleasure not as a movie premiere for the world to see and as the world saw.

The video wouldn’t have meant anything to anyone if not for Moyo who stands to lose more than the man. Or does she stand to gain more from the leak? Honestly, in Potpourri’s estimation the odds are against her. She is a star on an upward trajectory in her career and any negative flip in her story wouldn’t have a happy ending, unless she is contemplating a career in the lucrative but demeaning porn industry. I don’t think so.

Doubts and twists in the tale

As far-fetched as it may seem on the surface, some have argued that Moyo actually scripted the video and engineered the leak. One of such people is Kemi Olunloyo who claimed to have spoken with the lover, identified as Sunkanmi Saheed, based in the US.

According to Kemi’s summation, the lover in the video is no old lover of Moyo in any way but a gigolo propositioned by Moyo to take part in the sex act, with ulterior motive of leaking it as some point to boost her career. Kemi Olunloyo also added that the man has sex tapes of two more actresses in Nollywood.

Of course, many see Kemi Olunloyo as a troublemaker but her finding became startling when a Nollywood actor, by name of MC UG Future came out to add fuel to the fire that Moyo has the habit of making videos of her sex sessions.

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Hear him: “I was not raised to betray people, I dated Moyo Lawal for two years in 2020 and 2021. She loves private video sex a lot and a lot of crazy things. I have all our sex tapes all this while but I can’t hurt my colleague and myself. Though she hurt me many times “

Another vengeful lover, crying over unrequited love? Not many people have heard of the name or seen his movie. However,  curiously enough, Moyo has not said a word over that assertion.

According to a Nollywood actress who spoke privately with Potpourri under the condition of anonymity, until Moyo sues the guy, they’re both victims.

“The man’s face was all over the video… Any of them could have leaked it for clout. If they just broke up, what if she did, not minding the consequences just to deal with the guy? I don’t trust my gender. Till I hear she’s taking legal actions, then I’ll have a rethink.

“People shouting “hypocrites” up and down. Yes, we all have sex, but do we have to record it and put it in the public space because everyone has sex? It’s meant to be a private thing. What’s the essence of sex video in the first place? She was even telling the guy to concentrate on the video,” the actress said.

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