Richie’s ‘yawa’ Valentine

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

It was not a bad idea at all when popular musician and songwriter Richie Mensah, decided to organize his own programme  last Thursday which was Valentine’s Day dubbed “This is Love Concert” at the African Regent Hotel in Accra.

To start with there wasn’t any love in the atmosphere at all, perhaps due to the open-air location of the proposed concert. The usual close-up atmosphere for such events was missing and worse, the show started rather late.

Patronage was unpardonably low and organisation was poor. When finally the performer of the night, Richie stepped up to perform, he did so facing camera and ignoring  the audience who had paid to attend a love concert making it look like, Richie was performing for a documentary and not a live show.

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Soul sister and 2011 GMA Female Vocalist of the Year 2011, Efya was the one who saved the night. When it came yto her turn, Efya made the show hers by involving the crowd and moving a step closer to the audience to wind and twist her waist that got everyone amused because as she rightly said, we were all “wondering if she’s got something to shake”.

Efya may have chosen the wrong platform to release your latest work titled “Your Body”. But she served the patrons well with her moves and soothing voice and the special duet of the hugely popular “Best in Me Remix” with Richie was outstanding.

Personalities like Becca, Praye Honeho, KiKi Banson were there to grace the occasion. The lead singer of the new group D3 signed on to Richie’s Label, Vera came to do what she could do best. I had a problem with D3’s performance because the publicity said that, they were going to perform but there wasn’t any performance. They only came back Richie.

 I overheard one patron saying, met a friend there and she said “looking at the programme ,”If I had paid money to attend this event I would have had my hands over my head by now because Iwould have made a loss”

If according to enewsgh.com, the label executives said, the concert was in line with the theme behind his most recent single “This is love” then it was no love at all; in fact I would prefer to be single because I don’t want to have a boring love affair.

Kudos to the Patch Bay Band for a nice performance and I will say more grease to their elbows. Going through the publications for the event, it was a Lynx Entertainment event which means it was organized and managed by Lynx Entertainment and if they will be doing event management like this then I urge the crew to sit up, there is competition on the market and they need to be serious.

Story by Delali Sika