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Pay attention to business of showbiz  —Akofa Edjeani
Akofa Edjeani

Pay attention to business of showbiz —Akofa Edjeani

For veteran actress Akofa Edjeani, although being passionate about acting is very important, it is just not enough. There is the need for actors to be concerned about the business of showbiz.

It is common knowledge that most Ghanaian actors don’t pay much attention to the business aspect of their careers. They virtually live from hand to mouth, which is rather unfortunate.


Expressing her thoughts in a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, Akofa Edjeani said: “Some of us are not giving much thoughts to the business side of what we do, although some are doing it. It is about time we all pay attention to the business side of the show; that is why it is called showbusiness.

“Yes, we are passionate and creative people and so we will need to team up with  those who do the business so that the totality of what we do can come to bear and we can all make money. It is not enough to just be passionate and creative, that cannot put food on your table.

“That is why in other parts of the world, they have agents and managers. Some of us here have managers, which is a very good thing. I remember when I started acting, Brew Riverson and I wanted managers and they blacklisted us saying we were being difficult and all that. But now, people have realised it is an important ingredient in the life of an actor. So, some of us now have managers who see to the business aspect of what we do.”

Asked if we are likely to see actors having an organised team to manage their affairs in the nearest future, Akofa said: “In the very near future, I would say yes. As I indicated, it is happening and a few of them have that. By and by, I believe everybody else will see how important this is and will follow suit.

“What we need really are agencies, because it is a whole team that is put in place to handle affairs. You have your publicist. etc., so you just don’t attend events, for instance. Everything is planned. We need people who are good in management and know what this job is about,” she added.

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