Nutty Rankin advises with Same People
Nutty Rankin advises with Same People

Nutty Rankin advises with Same People

WHEN Reggae artiste Nutty Rankin was let down in his time of need by loved ones, he just could’t allow the experience to slide, he touched on it with his latest release, Same People.

On Same People produced by Obed Otoo, he points out the hypocritical nature of people around us, especially those we call family and close friends.

Nutty Rankin encourages his listeners to be more vigilant when dealing with people very close to them.

Talking to Graphic Showbiz about Same People, Nutty Rankin disclosed the song was a personal one.

Same People is a personal experience about my friends and family who abandoned me when I needed them most. I was on my sick bed and they left me to my fate.

“So, I decided to write a song ( Same People ) about the experience to advise people about trusting issues. The painful part was that these are members of my family I had helped in the past.

“One of the hardest things to live with is to be betrayed by people you love or call family.

“People talk about such situation but since I am an artiste, I decided to sing it loud, with the hope that the message will be driven home,” he said.

Away from his new single, Nutty Rankin touched on piracy and copyright infringement as a major challenge artistes face on a daily basis.

“Many artistes struggle to make a living from their music due to the prevalence of illegal downloading and streaming. This makes it difficult for artists to be financially rewarded properly for their work and this act discourages some of us from continuing to create music,” he said.

The Suro Nipa singer also bemoaned how artistes are not properly abreast of the business side of music and how to manage their finances.

“We lack education and training when it comes to the business side of the industry. Many artistes are not equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to manage their finances, negotiate contracts, or market themselves effectively, this is a worry,” he noted.

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Subsequently, Nutting Rankin told Graphic Showbiz that, to make the music industry in Ghana better, there needs to be more investment in infrastructure and resources. “This includes the establishment of more recording studios and performance venues,” he said.

 All that notwithstanding, Nutty Rankin believes there are also many opportunities for growth and improvement.

“With the right investments and support, Ghanaian musicians can continue to create amazing music and contribute to the cultural and economic development of the country,” he said.

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