NDC has strong faith in my abilities  —Nacee
NDC has strong faith in my abilities —Nacee

NDC has strong faith in my abilities —Nacee

GHANAIAN sound engineer and musician Nacee is gearing up to capitalise on the upcoming 2024 general election, as he anticipates a high demand for campaign songs from major political parties and their candidates.

With a keen understanding of how music can rally supporters and ignite passion in voters, Nacee is positioning himself to cash in heavily during this politically charged season.

This time again, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters can look forward to another hit from him, building on his past successes with the well-received tunes such as Mahama Beye, Mahama Onaapo and the campaign song for former president John Mahama in 2020.

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While he has written catchy songs for other political factions, he acknowledges that the NDC party has demonstrated a strong faith in his abilities and encouraged him to unleash his creative potential, producing compelling tracks that energize the ‘3y3 zu, 3y3 za’ followers in the lead-up to elections.

For Nacee, even though he has left his doors open to any political party that needs his services, NDC has come to love what he does for them and he is not surprised other political parties even enjoy the songs he produces for the party.

“When someone believes in you, you also reciprocate the gesture by going all out and giving your best. I guess that is what is happening between the NDC and me. I am not a politician and although I vote, there is no need to declare my political colours, I am only doing my work.

“My doors are widely open to accommodate any party that needs my services. If you like songs such as Onaapo, Mahama Beye and others I did for NDC, I can do equally good songs for you too”, he directed to other political parties.

Asked if any political party had reached out to him for a campaign song for 2024, which is an election year, Nacee said he had received several requests but he was yet to review their campaign messages to work with them.

“Before I write a song for a political party, I go through their campaign message and then draft something out of it. That is what I have always done and the political parties love what I do for them,” he added.

Nacee was the main vocalist of the defunct No Tribe, a group he formed some 10 years ago. They were known for hit songs such as Ayeyi, Adom Bi, Bohye, Adom, Ohene Yehyira Wo and Aseda/Yesu Oye.

He has been in the sound recording sector for decades, and he has chalked up a lot of success in producing popular songs and winning awards for his works. His musical talent is undeniable, and he has a sizeable fan base in Ghana and beyond.

As a solo artist, he has released some very good songs too. They include Mpaebo, Efatawo, Boys boys, Paddy Paddy, Onaapo Attention, Fire Burn You and Minewaa, among others.

Meanwhile, as a producer, Nacee has worked with musicians such as Piesie Esther, Ceccy Twum, Lady Prempeh, Obaapa Christy, SP Sarpong, Ohemaa Mercy and many more.

He has done very catchy campaign songs for several political parties in Ghana. However, sound engineer and musician Nacee says the party that believes in his talent most is the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which is the reason why he also goes all out for them.

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