My ‘Meet and Greet’ is not for money—Tonardo

BY: Edith Mensah
Tonardo debunks his 'Meet and Greet' is to rip off fans

ACTOR and social media influencer, Tonardo, is hosting a Meet and Greet with Tonardo session at Bela’s Pub andRestaurant, Gbawe in Accra on Saturday, September 3 to get up-close and personal with his fans.

He has announced an entrance fee of GHc50 but the charge has been met with lots of backlash from social media netizens.

According to Tonardo, real name Emil Gerald Wood, the meet and greet is not a means to rip off his fans as some people are speculating but to meet, socialise and appreciate them for supporting him all these years.

“I am doing this because I have long thought of putting together something interesting and exciting for my fans just to appreciate them for supporting my brand.

“I want it to be on record that I am not doing this because I need money. We are charging GHc50 and it even comes with a customised T-shirt for fans and so you will realise that we are not doing this for money.

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The Meet and Greet is the finest way to say thank you to my fans,” he told Graphic Showbiz.

The actor, who has become well-known for his numerous facial piercings, shaved eyebrows, tinted hair, painted nails, and ear rings says the event would also afford him the opportunity to clear the air on some of the controversies surrounding his lifestyle and personality.

“I am very prepared to meet my fans, spend quality time with them and let them into my world. I’m going to bare it all there,” he added.

Despite the huge backlash, Tonardo says he is not bothered by the negative comments as he is focused on giving his fans a good treat on the day.