My childhood was a cocktail of experiences - Adjetey Anang

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My childhood was a cocktail of experiences - Adjetey Anang
My childhood was a cocktail of experiences - Adjetey Anang

Ace Ghanaian movie actor and lecturer, Adjetey Anang has described his formative years as a cocktail of experiences and lessons which contributed to his development as an actor.

He said growing up in Tema ‘Community 10’ exposed him to varying lifestyle experiences and family traits.

Interviewed on the Y Leaderboard by Y107.9 FM’s Rev Erskine on the “Myd Morning Radio Show”, he disclosed that during his childhood he got to experience the diverse relationships between the ideal family and the kinship family systems, and for him, that has contributed to his development.

“My childhood was in Tema community 10 where I spent most of my early years. That’s where I schooled at the Baptist Church School and the SOS Village. That is where it started for me. We’re a family of four so I had a sister and the positioning we found ourselves in was very interesting. To our right, we had the ideal family, thus the nuclear family scenario and to our left, we were sandwiched between the ideal and the compound house setting," the actor said.

"It was the house where the smoke never died. There’s always something being cooked and it had a lot of families, relatives and the fun was there. But of course, we were supposed to relate more to that of the ideal family setting. We had our challenges with that because all the fun was to our left so I picked up bits and bits of both households”.

Having an ambitious father committed to his scientific career, Adjetey Anang highlighted that his boyhood periods were spent with relatives.

“Then we had Daddy who was very ambitious and mostly not at home, traveling here and there. We had to move to Accra after my Tema years. I eventually picked up bits of pieces from uncles and aunties because I didn’t directly have a father figure since he was mostly away. They also had their own opinions and perspectives on life, belief systems and other aspects to life. Some were to my advantages but others were obviously not. So, basically, this was me growing in the midst of everything. I experienced a cocktail of life in my upbringing."

Adjetey Anang has become a household name ever since his debut screen appearance on the Ghanaian drama series, "Things We Do For Love", playing the role "Pusha". He has gone on to become a veteran and an established personality in the Ghanaian industry.

He starred in the sex education drama series, "YOLO" and has gone on to win several prestigious awards, including the Arts Critique and Review Association of Ghana (ACRAG) Talent Award and THE Ghana Union of Theatre Societies (GUTS) Best Actor Award. He was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category in the 8th Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards for his role in Gold Coast Lounge. He won the Actor of the year at the 2022 Exclusive Men of the Year Africa Awards.