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Madonna, 64, flaunts new romance with 29-year-old ex-NFL player Josh Popper
Madonna,64, is reportedly now dating a 29-year-old boxing coach

Madonna, 64, flaunts new romance with 29-year-old ex-NFL player Josh Popper

Madonna gets involved in a 'young' romance with ex-NFL prospect Josh Popper.


Madonna, the American singer and songwriter, was once regarded as the biggest pop star in the country and had many top 100 billboard songs with countless fans almost worshiping her.

Almost everything has changed since then, as the ‘queen of pop’ is rarely relevant to social media and her personal life often goes unnoticed. However, Madonna has found herself getting familiar with an ex-NFL prospect, Josh Popper, quite recently.

Reports from insider sources suggest that Madonna and Josh Popper are involved in a romance since the singer’s brother Anthony Ciccone passed away. The pop star has found comfort in the hands of Josh Popper, who was once a big prospect in the NFL but failed massively.

The couple has been dating for quite some time now but hasn’t made their relationship public yet. Madonna, 64 is still venturing into singing and performance, while her rumored beau Josh Popper is a boxer and even provides coaching.

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Popper was the boxing coach of one of Madonna’s six children, which helped the couple build their romance. The couple has a significant age difference, but that hasn’t been a point of concern, as they are still going strong.

Qualifying for the NFL is a brutal ordeal as thousands of players try each year to get into one of the most physical leagues in the world. The competition is extremely intense and not everyone can make it to the other side.

Before meeting Madonna, Josh Popper was an NFL hopeful who used to play as a DE. He played at Rowan University, New Jersey. After graduating, the former DE tried his hand at the NFL by entering the Cardinals training camp. Unfortunately, Popper didn’t make it and turned to boxing.

Josh Popper is doing great in his new career and even wants to try his hand at professional boxing. On the other hand, Madonna is going through a big slump in her career where her live concerts aren’t the thing they used to be.

The queen of pop was also criticized heavily for her appearance during the most recent edition of the Grammy awards. The passing away of her brother has also not helped her with various woes. However, Popper is there to lend a helping hand to Madonna as the couple starts a beautiful journey together.


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