Kwame Mulzz Band on the move in Belgium

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Kwame Mulzz

SINCE he started doing music some years ago, Belgium-based Ghanaian musician Kwame Mulzz together with his band have been treating audiences in and around Belgium with some good performances.

Perhaps, they give their audience such a good time that Kwame Mulzz and his Kwame Mulzz Band perform almost every weekend at different venues in Belgium doing both private and public gigs.

In a chat with Graphic Showbiz from his Belgium base, Kwame Mulzz who is also a producer and copywriter said he recorded his first song, Shifo  in 2009 and found himself doing music productions since then. “If I am not exagerating, from 2009 till date, I have recorded close to 700 songs.”

In 2016, he got a job as a social worker but that didn’t stop him from doing music. “Being a musician is not an easy job because you have to ensure you always stay relevant all the time by coming out with great songs which will be appreciated by all and sundry, and that is exactly what I have been doing all these years,” he stated.

 Kwame Mulzz, born Kwame Owusu-Afriyie came out with an Afrobeats song, Moolight about a month ago and followed it with a Drill song, Baako, a week ago.

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“I released Moonlight after my first child was born so it is a song to welcome him and give appreciation to the Almighty for His goodness. Baako, basically is about the hustle one goes through to make it in life and how dilligent one ought to be if they want to make it”, he said.

Asked if people in Belgium listen to Ghanaian music, he said “they will listen  as long as it is good music. They love to explore so they are always looking out for new stuff so that is how it is out here in Belgium. People just want to enjoy themselves.”

Touching on the music scene in Ghana, Kwame Mulzz who does all kinds of genres including African Gospel, Afrobeats and Blues said, “in Ghana, we only listen to music that is trending but that shouldn’t be the case, the radio is choked with the same songs, we should be able to listen to all kinds of music.”

 Kwame Mulzz said he believes there are great talents in Ghana, “ the country is endowed with so many great talents and I believe they should always look into the future and not just make music for today.

“Again, all the talents are sort of centred in Accra and nothing seems to be happening elsewhere which is not good enough, everything must be nation-wide and not only limited to the capital,” he added.