I regret joining MTN Hitmaker — B.Ryt

BY: Elorm Kojo Ntumy

Music reality shows are meant to kick start the careers of budding talents but B.Ryt, a participant in last year’s edition of MTN Hitmaker, says he has regretted ever being part of the competition.

According to B. Ryt, his participation in MTN Hitmaker was a big mistake which almost ended his dreams of doing music.

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Narrating his story in an interview with Showbiz, he said the organisers of the show did not give him a fair opportunity to show what he was capable of doing and accused them of favouring some participants over others.

“I made it to the final 16 which which had to be pruned down to 12. We were paired to sing duets for the first live show.

During rehearsals, the song we were assigned to do was changed so many times while others did not suffer such changes. During the performance my partner was unable to deliver and even the judges remarked that she ‘drowned’ and took me down with her but we were both evicted,” he said.

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According to B.Ryt, it was unfair for him to be evicted after the very first performance without being given a chance to show what he could do as an individual.

“I went into the show as a Highlife artiste because I wanted to gain exposure for myself and my songs which were already out there. However, I was never given that chance and was judged based on my performance of someone else’s song.

I would have understood if I was sacked due to public votes or after my own performance,” he added.

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He said the experience left him depressed and almost made him give up music completely.

“I am not a total beginner in music considering that even before joining MTN Hitmaker I already had singles which were being played on radio and TV.

I have songs with D Cryme and music videos directed by Prince Dovlo. I have also performed on major platforms like the Easter Comedy Show with Becca and Ofori Amponsah as well as at one of the Nights of Laughs and Music comedy shows.

So to be sacked on MTN Hitmaker without even showing what I could do was a huge blow.

It made me question my decision to even do music and if I didn’t have a strong will I would have given up completely,” he said.

Notwithstanding the challenges he faced last year, B.Ryt is out with a new single titled Yɛ Chilli, which he says will be the best highlife song in 2018.

“I believe in myself and in my music and I am currently in search of a manager who will promote my music to the next level. Currently my sister is the one helping me out but I am certain with the right push, my music will make an impact,” he said.