Here come Akyerekyerefoo

BY: Gifty Owusu-Amoah / Graphic Showbiz / Ghana

Different themes appeal to different musicians  and for new artistes, Akyekyerefoo, it is the need for  the youth to be humble and eschew arrogance that has touched their hearts to preach about.

That desire inspired their new track, Gyae Huhu which officially comes out on Friday, December 5. Produced by DR Ray of Globewaves Studios at Agbogba in Accra, Gyae Huhu is the group’s second single after I No Dey Mind which came out last year.

Gyae Huhu dwells on the need for people to  find solace in humility irrespective of their status since pride had always preceded the fall  of many great people.

Trained teachers by profession, Okyerekyereni Makorni (Richard Nartey) and Okyerekyereni Sparkles (Ranford Saltson) told Showbiz that they were inspired to touch on  pride in their song because their daily encounters with people  revealed how arrogant  people had become.

“Music is a powerful tool of communication. As musicians, we  are not just entertainers but people who must use our exposure  for the benefit of  society. Akyerekyerefo are here to help instill discipline and the values we have lost as a country.”

Signed to Bakus Entertaiment, a United States-based record label with  subsidiary in Ghana, Akyerekyerefo hope to make a great mark in the industry business.

Yaw Agbey-Lawson, the group’s manager was confident that Akyerekyerefoo will face off the stiff competition in the industry by producing good music to stand the test of time.