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Elsie Obeng-Kwakye's ‘Unexpected’ premieres December 8
Elsie Obeng-Kwakye's ‘Unexpected’ premieres December 8

Elsie Obeng-Kwakye's ‘Unexpected’ premieres December 8

IN a bid to shed light on the challenges faced by teenage mothers, budding Ghanaian filmmaker and writer Elsie Obeng-Kwakye is gearing up for the premiere of her latest documentary, "Unexpected," on Friday, December 8, 2023, in Accra.

Produced under the banner of Eisle Production, "Unexpected” looks into the lives of four teenage girls, including a mother of 11 children who commenced motherhood at the tender age of 14.

The documentary delves into the intricate web of factors contributing to teenage pregnancies, the hurdles encountered by teenage mothers, the repercussions on their education and the current circumstances shaping their lives.

Accompanying the premiere is a fundraiser organised by Eisle Production to support the causes championed by the documentary.

Elsie Obeng-Kwakye, in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, expressed her hope that the documentary would not only highlight the causes of teenage pregnancy but also serve as a catalyst for resolving these pressing issues.

“I'm hopeful that the premiere of "Unexpected" would be a powerful and thought-provoking medium to address pressing social issues and spark conversations that would eventually lead to meaningful change.”

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In addition to "Unexpected," Obeng-Kwakye's documentary titled "Sir" which focuses on the displacement of children in James Town following the 2020 demolition of their homes along the seashore and its surroundings will also be launched on same day.

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