Couple spend £200,000 to look like dolls

BY: Graphic showbiz
 • The couple Ken and Barbie

A couple expends more than £200,000 on plastic surgery just to look like their idols, Ken and Barbie. Anastasia Reskoss, 20, and Quentin Dehar, 23, admit to both being passionate with the dolls from a young age, and after becoming a couple in 2013, the pair has had more than 15 procedures between them, paid for mainly by their parents.

Quentin, from Marseille, France, and Anastasia, who lives in Paris, plans to continue having surgery and is legally changing their names to 'Ken' and 'Doll.' Anastasia a student said, “we want to spend the rest of our lives together morphing into the dolls we love.”

Quentin also finances their Barbie and Ken lifestyle with the proceeds from his two successful mobile phone shops. He says he still wants more Botox and pectoral implants while Anastasia wants breast augmentation, ear reshaping, eye-bag removal and veneers. In total, the couples have spent £206,000 to emulate their idols' looks.

Anastasia and Quentin met in 2013 at