Caroline: YFM is my last stop

BY: Ann Adjassah
Caroline Sampson

SINCE the Ghanaian airwaves was liberalised in the early 90s, enticing radio and TV personalities with ‘juicy packages’ to leave one station to join another has become a trend.

And with time, the packages have become juicier as more TV and radio stations keep springing up. And we have seen several TV and radio personalities poached from one station to the other and allegedly scooping’ tantalising packages along the way.

However, one radio presenter who does not find poaching trendy any more is Caroline Sampson of YFM. Although it does not mean she thinks less of her colleagues who are allowing themselves to be poached, she told Showbiz in an interview she wants to remain loyal to her current employers, Global Media Alliance.


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The host of Y Lounge at YFM said, irrespective of the amount of money and other incentives she will be offered by poachers, she would want to stay with YFM. “I will not leave YFM for anything. In fact, I cannot be poached by another media house at the moment,” she said.

“I have reached a point in my life where moving to another station does not interest me anymore,” she added.

She disclosed that if you know your worth, you could get your current employers to offer the same package the poachers are dangling in your face. “You see, no matter how good the deal is, I will stay with YFM and get my employers to counter the offer.”

She therefore urged her colleagues in the electronic media to talk to their management about the various poaching deals that are coming their way and get their employers to also give them good packages so they remain loyal to them.

Caroline who has been in radio for 10 years believes it is better to remain with a particular media house and bow out nicely and respectfully, than hop from one place to the other.

 The 2005 Miss Malaika finalist who has also featured on works by artistes such as Okyeame Kwame, Yaa Yaa, Asem, EL, Lil Shaker thinks it is more fulfilling to attribute one’s growth and success to a media house than to two or four radio or TV stations.

Moving away from poaching, Caroline also talked about the kind of man she will like to settle down with. She disclosed that she would not mind getting married to a man younger than herself.

According to the 31-year-old presenter, she had dated men older than her and the relationship did not go too well and she is beginning to pay attention to other options which may include men younger than her.

The YFM presenter said that it will not be a bad thing for her to date someone younger than herself, adding that, she has had a couple of young guys walk up to her and said the “right things.”

“I must admit I have had 24-year-old man approach me and acted very decently and mature. In fact, some of these young guys think I am young too and I do not find it embarrassing at all.”

The mother of one describes her ideal man as responsible, able to make decisions that will involve both of them, love her son and love and appreciate her job.

She admitted her personal relationships are a bit challenging as a result of the nature of the job.  “Most of the men act as though they understand your job but in the course of the relationship, they begin to complain.”

Caroline who said she is currently single, is looking forward to settling down and having a family. She describes herself as old school who sees marriage as her ultimate goal. And seeing that she has been successful in her career, marriage is what she looks forward to now.