Be thoughtful going public with prophecies about celebrities, says Prophet Evans Koomson
Prophet Evans Koomson

Be thoughtful going public with prophecies about celebrities, says Prophet Evans Koomson

Prophecies have become a thorny issue with celebrities in the last few years and quite a number of them and their fans have been fighting prophets over it.

For critics, their concerns have been that these prophecies seem not always negative but were made openly with social media being a preferred medium recently.

However, a Senior Pastor at Christian Life Fellowship, Prophet Evans Koomson is urging prophets to exercise discretion and resort to a more compassionate and thoughtful approach to prophesying about public figures rather than using public platforms to create sensationalism.

While Prophet Evans Koomson affirmed that prophecy had a legitimate place in every aspect of life including the entertainment industry, he encouraged his colleague men of God to evaluate their medium of communicating such messages from God.

In his contribution as a speaker on the Graphic Showbiz Twitter(X) Dialogue series on the topic “Does prophecy have a place in showbiz?”, held today, he posited that if the motivation of conveying the said prophecy was not fame or the desire to showcase that a prophecy had come to pass, then using a private rather than public platforms was the way to go.

Prophet Koomson emphasised that delivering prophecies privately does not diminish the significance or impact of the message.

Instead, it preserved the sanctity of the revelation within the confines of the Holy Spirit, ensuring that it serves its intended purpose without sensationalism or unnecessary disruption.

“Sometimes we must consider the recipients of these prophetic messages. When prophecies are shared on public platforms, the recipients could be deeply affected especially if they are not matured enough to receive the message due to their lack of understanding and maturity.

“When we use these public platforms too, we open them up to certain spirits that may pick intelligence and take advantage of the information shared in prophecies to come at the recipient.

“People should be spoken to privately. If it is not for fame, if it is not to be known that we said it and it came to pass, then we should reach out to the person privately or the person’s management”, he said.

Other panelists on the Twitter(X) Dialogue series were music producer, Kaywa, actor Timothy Bentum and Clinical psychologist, Dr Isaac Newman Arthur.

They all shared their varied perspectives about prophecies and their place in showbiz.

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