Baby Lorde, brands ambassodor by birth

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Baby Lorde is a brands ambassador
Baby Lorde

BY all indications, Baby Lorde, daughter and first child of actress-producer Kafui Danku is following in the steps of her celebrity mother.

At age five, Baby Lorde is already grabbing huge ambassadorial deals in Canada where she lives with her parents and younger brother Baby Titus.

Anita Norris, a talent agency in Canada has cast her for Walmart’s Summer Digest 2022.

She also got another modelling gig for a big children’s clothing store in Canada called Urban Kids.

Both companies are among Fortune 100 companies in North America.

When she was only four months old, Baby Lorde signed her first diaper deal as a baby in Ghana and it has been good news for the young pretty girl.

Giving her thoughts on her daughter’s achievements over the years, Kafui Danku said she is elated and super excited for her daughter.

“I am super excited for her just as she is for herself, what is most important is that she enjoys what she is doing so it is not like anybody forcing her to be what she doesn’t want to be.

“I am really proud of her as a mother and I hope that more gigs come her way even as she grows up,” she stated.