My father funded hiplife - Reggie Rockstone

BY: GraphicOnline
Reggie Rockstone
Reggie Rockstone

Legendary Ghanaian musician cum entrepreneur, Reggie Rockstone has disclosed that his father supported the start of his music career which led to the creation of hiplife, the popular music fusion of highlife and hip-hop.

Speaking on the Y-Leaderboard Series which was hosted by AJ on Y107.9FM, Rockstone revealed that his father, the famous fashion designer, Ricci Osei paid for the flight ticket which brought him to Ghana to pursue his dream as a musician.

“My father supported me from the jump and as a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for Ricci, I wouldn’t be here,” Rockstone said.

He further disclosed that his father was present when the new music genre was being named.

“He was part of the process, he’s the one that funded hiplife, he’s the one that built me the studio and he’s the one that paid for all those videos that you watch so when you talk about hiplife, my father’s probably the biggest investor”, he acknowledged.


Reggie Rockstone is a Ghanaian rapper. He was born in the United Kingdom but lived his early years in Ghana in Kumasi and Accra.

He has been living in Ghana continuously since he pioneered the Hip-Life movement in 1994. Now called the Grandpapa of hiplife music, Reggie has now ventured into the food sector and is recognized in Ghana and beyond for his famous Rocks waakye and Jar waakye.