Kweiks asks questions with Doto

BY: Ann Adjasah

Three months after releasing his comeback single, Kweku Sekyi and after a serious accident, Kweiks has released a new song called Doto.

Released last week, Doto is a simple composition about how people are often confused about the decisions to take since others will wrongly judge them based on that.

Produced by Spiky and mixed and mastered by FimFim, the song is rendered in Ga, Ewe, Fante and English. 

“Do we need to come "write/right" our wrongs on these sheets just to prove how right we're wrong? Each day we're trying to "write/right" our wrongs, but what if I had a right to wrong and our 'rights' are wrong? Does it make you right because you think my 'right' is wrong? Do we even have a right at all? Why do you have to judge another for?” these are some of the questions he asks in Doto.

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Talking to Showbiz in an interview, the Whisper In Your Ear artiste said people are always quick to point accusing fingers at others who have opposing views.

“We live in a world where you are tagged as wrong, the black sheep or the individual going against the norm once you decide to make a choice or do something different from the rest. That is what the song is talking about,” he added.

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With five singles already receiving airplay, Kweiks said his new song is a work of art which rides on style, word play, lyrical dexterity and an orgy of musical patterns structured to create the splendid rap/hiplife rhythm.

Artistes he has worked with include Edem, Wanlov the Kubolor, Kesse, J-Town, FimFim among others, and Kweiks says he plans to work with other great names in the music industry in future.

He expressed his appreciation to his fans for supporting his career and promised to work hard to make them proud.