It’s Beshiwo from Becca

Author: Kofi Duah

After enjoying massive airplay with her Hwe song featuring Bisa Kdei last year, award winning female musician, Becca is out with another single called Beshiwo.

Beshiwo once again features Bisa Kdei and was recorded by sound engineer Kaywa. The song is simply about love and entreats couples to bury their differences in times of disagreements and move on with their relationship.

Released a fortnight ago, Becca sings shout how she wants her man to treat her well. She warns the man of the consequences of losing her because of his bad behaviour and how poorly he treats her.

Beshiwo, which literally means  “it will pain you” sums up Becca’s feeling of eventually finding a “good” man to shower with much love much to the envy of his former partner.

Playing the role of the ex, Bisa comes in to confess his “sins” and how he is remorseful of his old actions. Like a repented soul, he promises to turn over a new leaf to make Becca happy.

Beshiwo definitely encourages couples to appreciate their partners so not to lose them to other “competitors”.

Speaking in an interview with Showbiz, Rebecca Acheampong aka Becca explained that she has been overwhelmed by the warm reception since the song was released two weeks ago.

“I released Hwe and it was quite popular and in just two weeks since it came out, Beshiwo is climbing the ladder. I thank God and my fans for accepting the song,” she said.

Explaining why she featured Bisa Kdei again, Becca said “The chemistry between Bisa Kdei and I is just great. He actually wrote the song for me and I’m very grateful for that,” she said.

Next year, Becca will mark a decade of her presence in the music industry and she hopes to crown that with a concert and the release of a new album as well.