I want to leave a mark - Barley

BY: Elorm Kojo Ntumy
Bradley Barley
Bradley Barley

China based Ghanaian artiste Bradley Barley, has revealed his desire to leave his mark on the Ghanaian music scene.

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Bradley who is currently in Ghana attending to family business said he will be using his time in the country to work on his music and collaborate with some established artistes on some singles he is working on.

Bradley’s latest single titled Addiction, is a laid back banger about being someone’s addiction, constantly talking with the person and basically being everything about the person.

In the song, Bradley who sings in English and Ga, promises to be the addiction of his lover while vowing to do everything possible to keep his lover close to his heart.

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Comparing the music scenes in Ghana and China, Bradley described the Chinese music scene as very vibrant, fun and entertaining. “There is a lot of different types of music trending in China at the moment. People are grooving to the Azonto rhythm and it’s really fun to get on stage and perform,” he said.

“Compare to China, musicians in Ghana are all content with doing the same thing and there is very little interest in challenging themselves. “ In China, music is constantly evolving and they enjoy embracing new trends. We have Techno music, Pop, K-Pop and EDM and this makes music more challenging to do in China. I am actually trying to break through in Ghana than in China,” he said.

During his stay in Ghana, Bradley is billed to perform at the Ada Asafotufiami festival as well as promote some of his singles on some radio stations in the area.

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He added that he hopes his songs which are currently available on ITunes and Amazon would help spread his name in Ghana and beyond.