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Help children to develop their skillls

Author: Elorm Kojo Ntumy
Reginald Quansah
Reginald Quansah

A professional keyboardist, Reginald Quansah, has advised parents to allow their children develop their creative talents especially in the area of music.

Reginald said it is wrong for parents to deter their children from pursuing a career in music in fear of them becoming social deviants.

Speaking to Showbiz on Thursday, Reginald said, “I have been into music for over six years and I have not engaged in any anti-social activities. There is no guarantee that just because someone is in music he will definitely be anti-social,” he said.

The final year music student of the University of Education, Winneba said although his mother was initially against his decision to read music, she eventually accepted his decision because she realised that was his passion.

“I faced some opposition initially but as it stands now, everyone has accepted my decision and I am happy with it,” he added.

Reginald said research has proven that children who are creative are generally more intelligent and also excel in other areas of their lives.

“It is well known that creative people are also gifted academically. It is important parents nurture the talents of their children instead of forcing them to choose other paths in life, as is the case in Ghana,” he said.

Reginald said at the moment, the industry in Ghana is lucrative enough for people to seriously consider music as a full time occupation.

“One of the reasons most parents are against their children taking up music is because they feel doing music would make them poor but that is not the case now. Many musicians are living fulfilling lives through their music,” he added.