I can’t wear skimpy dresses again –Mercy Johnson

BY: graphic.com.gh

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, says her marriage to Odianosen Okogie has influenced her choice of outfit in the last three years.

As a result, she says she no longer wears skimpy, provocative dresses. 

Prior to her marriage, Johnson’s figure was the talk of the town and envy of many. She was known for provocative and revealing outfits, with her robust breasts especially threatening to jump out of dresses. In this manner, her photographs were displayed on posters and jackets of movies in which she starred. But all that appears to be in the past because she is “now a new creature.”

“Marriage is influencing my dress sense in a more positive way. As I always say my husband is my greatest critic but when it comes to my profession, he understands and has made me grow better than I used to. Sometimes when I look back and see the dresses I wore I laugh real hard and thank God for a blessed and understanding friend, manager and hubby”, she told Punch Nigeria.

Johnson said commitment and submissiveness were the secret to her blossoming three-year-old marriage - a rare feat among Nigerian celebrities. 

She said: “It is simply commitment, having a great husband and being submissive as a woman. And I must add knowing how to deal with your differences with love. Motherhood is just the best thing to have happened to me and in no way would I say it has slowed me or my career down."

John went on to express delight at the birth of her daughter, Purity.

“I thank God I am a mother because it has given me the opportunity to understand what being a mother is all about and I am extremely glad about that. Motherhood and acting are different responsibilities which I learn to manage well, thanks to God and my husband” she said.