Christmas must bring peace, do away with injustice

BY: Daily Graphic
 Christmas must bring peace, do away with injustice
Christmas must bring peace, do away with injustice

When the angel appeared before the shepherds that night, Bible accounts say there was divine presence that put fear in the shepherds.

But the angel assured them of good tidings of great joy that shall be to all people because there was born to the world a Saviour who is Christ the Lord.

The narrative continues that suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of God’s army, declaring the Glory of God in the highest of heavens and on earth had come as peace dwelling among men.

Indeed, aside from Bible accounts, historical records indicate that the life of Jesus on earth a little over two thousand years ago depicted a man of redemption who gave joy and peace to people.

He healed the sick, dined with outcasts, raised the dead, fed the hungry and sympathised with the oppressed. He exhibited humility and fought against injustice but vehemently criticised the social order that had discriminated against the common people.

It is not for nothing, therefore, that within a relatively short period of three years of his ministry on earth, Jesus Christ of Nazareth touched people far more than any personality in history.

The Daily Graphic is not surprised, therefore, that religious leaders should ask Ghanaians, on the occasion of Christmas that marks the birth of Christ, to show love to the less-privileged and share some of their resources with them.

The Daily Graphic associates itself with that call and adds that the peaceful nature of Christ be exhibited among all during the Yuletide.

We are happy that it is about this time that the road map to peace in Dagbon is being rolled out.

 We see this not as mere coincidence but a divine plan to remind us all that there is no alternative to peaceful coexistence.

Our prayer is that all natives of Dagbon will play their part to ensure that lasting peace returns to the area.

We also use the occasion of Christmas to appeal to all other areas that have pockets of conflict to reflect on the Christmas message of peace and settle their disagreements to ensure accelerated development of their communities.

The country’s leaders must also be guided by the life of Christ and desist from selfishness that leads some of them to appropriate for themselves what belongs to the whole nation.

In this vein, our law enforcement agencies should do away with discrimination and ensure that everybody is treated equally before the law.

The tendency for some elements within the law enforcement bodies to favour people who have fallen foul of the law in the name of “order from above” should be a thing of the past as we celebrate this Christmas.

The Daily Graphic is also very worried that the message of Christ has become so diluted by some charlatans and selfish individuals who take advantage of the ignorance and vulnerability of innocent individuals to prey on them.

 Many are going through psychological and physical trauma because of the activities of these “latter-day prophets”.

We think it is about time the country, in concert with the Christian Council of Ghana, the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference, the Prophets and Spiritual Council and other recognisable religious bodies, cracked the whip on the quacks among them.

It is only by that act that we will lead the fight against injustice and exploitation of the poor, as shown by Jesus Christ, whom we profess to follow.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.