Call against indiscipline in right direction

BY: Daily Graphic
Call against indiscipline  in right direction
Call against indiscipline in right direction

One of the major setbacks to the country’s accelerated socio-economic development over the years has been the level of indiscipline in all facets of society.

The situation is fast assuming an alarming proportion, with almost everybody at one level or another being a culprit.

Acts of indiscipline exist in the economic management front, where there have been budget overruns which have led to high fiscal deficits, corruption at the ports, lateness to work and the lackadaisical attitude of public officials towards work which impact negatively on productivity.

On the streets, people drive vehicles or ride motorbikes using their own road traffic regulations. Squatters have taken over many unauthorised places, including river banks, polluting them in the full glare of state law enforcement agencies. There are those who have also taken over areas meant for road projects and giving the authorities a tough time.

The law enforcers look on because they are themselves culprits. There are many who have called for swift action from the government to deal with the situation decisively but nothing has been done yet. On a daily basis, this canker continues to fester.

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It is against this background that the Daily Graphic fully backs the President of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Ghana, Mr Joe Mensah, who has called on the government to, as a matter of urgency, deal with all forms of indiscipline in national life.

He mentioned budget overruns (fiscal deficits), lateness and lackadaisical attitude to work in the public sector, with its attendant impact on productivity, the lack of time management, delays in the clearing of goods from the ports, among other things, as some of the acts of indiscipline stifling the economy.

He said the government should begin with itself and purge society of all negative acts, including corruption at all levels, saying that was necessary to restore confidence in the economy and get the people back on track to do what was lawful and right to move the country from its present situation.

We are of the view that should the government count the cost of indiscipline at all levels in the country, it will be alarmed to rise to the occasion. It appears all of us have been spoilt because the rod was spared and people are beginning to see these unfortunate acts as normal human behaviours that require no action to reverse them.

It is important to note that unless leadership rises to the occasion to address the situation, it will eat deep into the moral fabric of the future leaders of the country and spell doom for a country with so much potential.

It is our hope that we will not read political meaning into the advice by the AMCHAM President who, we believe, means well, but reflect on the substance of his message and collectively help the government address the challenges now to make Ghana what we all expect it to be.

If the necessary corrective and punitive measures are rigorously enforced, Ghana will be put on the right socio-economic and political footing to build a country in which all citizens can hit their chest with pride.