Vodafone launches new product to enhance internet connectivity

BY: Elizabeth Nyaadu Adu
Mr Haytham(left), Finance Director at Vodafone and Mr George Abban(2nd left), launching the Vodafone smart surf
Mr Haytham(left), Finance Director at Vodafone and Mr George Abban(2nd left), launching the Vodafone smart surf

As part of efforts to provide customers with seamless internet service, Vodafone Ghana has launched a wireless router that offers alternative ultra-fast broadband experience to customers.

Known as “Vodafone Smart Surf”, it is aimed at increasing connectivity and improving lives by giving affordable data packages to customers who intend to use it at home or in their offices.  

Speaking at the launch in Tema on Wednesday, the Head of Consumer Fixed Business at Vodafone Ghana, Mr George Abban said: “As a telecommunications company, we are optimistic about how technology and connectivity can enhance the future and improve people’s lives. For this reason, we continue to invest in our network to connect people, communities and things to the internet like never before.”


He explained that throughout the pandemic, Vodafone has introduced many initiatives to ensure that millions of Ghanaians still stay connected with family and friends through internet access and connectivity.

“We have over the period connected millions of customers and organisations of all sizes to the digital society.

“Technology has become ubiquitous the world over. Look around you; there is no one here today without some device that cannot log onto the internet. As humans, we are spending our lives online,” he stated

He said with social distancing measures becoming the new norm around the world, the web was how we connect with our loved ones in this time of physical isolation.

“Even as the world begins to realise the critical importance of the internet, not everyone today has access in order to enjoy its benefits.

“This inequality certainly has real-life consequences. Our pledge, at Vodafone, is to remove the obstacles and ensure that everyone has access,” Mr Abban said.

Vodafone Smart Surf

The device, he said, came with a portable wireless router that transformed network into Wi-Fi that connected all devices in seconds and offered instant internet access without the hassle of setting up a new Wi-Fi connection.

He said the service which connected up to 32 devices quickly and easily is currently in Accra, Tema and Takoradi adding that “we are working to extend our new and affordable ultra-fast Smart Surf experience to the various regions and communities across the country.”