Weathering the storm in difficult economic times
Sports associations in the country face a lot of financial challenges

Sports on the brink: Weathering the storm in difficult economic times

Though sports are a critical government agenda, for some analysts, the current situation seems to suggest that sports are at the periphery to an extent that even the nation’s marquee discipline, football, is not spared.

Therefore, for some sports enthusiasts, sports seem to be like an endangered species in Ghana; they are almost at the extinction stage.

However, the upcoming African Games to be hosted by Ghana may give sports some glimmer of hope.

With this backdrop and the current economic crisis bedevilling the country, sports associations are not exempted from the dire economic crunch. The crisis has washed away the little gains chalked up by the least financed sporting disciplines in the country.

It is, therefore, incumbent on these least financed sporting disciplines in the country to weather the storm to stay afloat.

The Graphic Business examines some ways these sporting entities can identify opportunities in these challenging times to stay afloat.

Diversify revenue streams

Relying solely on government funding or sponsorship can be risky during an economic downturn.

Sports associations should explore diversifying their revenue streams by seeking alternative sources of funding.

This can include fundraising events, membership fees, merchandise sales, grants and partnerships with local businesses or corporate sponsors.

Cut costs and prioritise Spending: Conduct a thorough analysis of all expenses and prioritise spending on essential items.

Sports associations should review their budgets and identify areas where costs can be reduced, without compromising the quality of programmes and services.

This may involve taking tough decisions such as cutting back on non-essential staff, reducing travel expenses and renegotiating contracts with suppliers.

Seek Public-Private Partnerships 

Sports associations can form partnerships with private companies and organisations to share resources and reduce costs.

This can involve collaborating on marketing initiatives, joint programmes or facility-sharing agreements.

By leveraging the strengths and resources of both parties, associations can maximise their impact and reduce financial burdens.

Explore digital and virtual opportunities

With the rise of digital platforms and virtual engagement, sports associations can harness the power of technology to reach a wider audience and generate revenue.

This can include live streaming events, offering online coaching or training programmes and creating digital content for sponsorship opportunities or paid subscriptions.

Embracing virtual platforms can help associations adapt to the changing landscape and generate income streams beyond traditional methods.

Boost community engagement and support 

Engaging with the local community can foster a sense of belonging and generate support for the organisation.

Sports associations should focus on building strong relationships with fans, sponsors and the broader community.

This can be achieved through community outreach programmes, grassroots initiatives, leveraging social media platforms and organising events that encourage participation and support.

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