Societe Generale Ghana partners Adansi Travels on "Travel Now, Pay Later" loan

BY: GraphicOnline
Societe Generale Ghana partners Adansi Travels on
Societe Generale Ghana partners Adansi Travels on "Travel Now, Pay Later" loan

Societe Generale Ghana (SG Ghana) and Adansi Travels have announced the launch of a new offer that affords individuals the opportunity to travel across the globe without worrying about limited funds.

With this offer, interested individuals and customers of the bank can conveniently “travel now and pay later”.

This product makes it possible for Ghanaians who want to travel to access an interest-free loan from Societe Generale Ghana.

Speaking at the event, Mr Obed Hoyah, General Manager of Retail Business for SG Ghana stated that “while it is the desire of many to visit their favourite holiday destinations, lack of adequate funds has been a drawback. It is for this reason that Societe Generale Ghana is today partnering with Adansi Travels, arguably the foremost travel company in Ghana to assist customers with the realization of their dreams.”

Mr. Hoyah explained that with the launch of this new offer, customers of the bank and workers on the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) payroll can access an interest-free loan to enable them to visit their dream destinations and pay later in flexible monthly instalments.

The launch of this product adds to the existing ‘Buy Now Pay Later” offer under the bank’s Consumer Loan scheme which provides customers with the convenience of buying the latest, electronic gadgets, phones, home furnishings and more, with the option to pay later at zero percent interest.

The Managing Director of Adansi Travels, Mr. Gideon Asare, stated that “indeed the two teams are experts in their respective fields, therefore complement each other perfectly and have worked tirelessly to produce an offer that capitalizes on their well-honed capabilities in order to bring the luxury of travel to all.”

He added that similar to SG Ghana, Adansi Travels started with the aim of helping Ghanaians fulfil their dreams and by launching this offer.