The Chief Executive Officer of Safewings Investments Limited, Dr. Richard Atuahen
The Chief Executive Officer of Safewings Investments Limited, Dr. Richard Atuahene

Safewings CEO urges Ghanaians to prioritize environmental cleanliness

The Chief Executive Officer of Safewings Investments Limited, Dr. Richard Atuahene, has called on Ghanaians to take environmental cleanliness seriously, emphasizing that our environment reflects who we are as a people.


Speaking to the media ahead of World Environment Day, which is observed on June 5th each year, Dr. Atuahene stressed the importance of collective action. "Every Ghanaian must be seriously concerned about the filth surrounding us and must work together intentionally to change the narrative," he said. He expressed embarrassment over the abuse of the environment and the destruction of the ecosystem that ensures our survival.

He highlighted illegal mining as a major issue, noting that it poses a clear and present danger by destroying large tracts of forest and poisoning water bodies, which are crucial sources of drinking water.

"It beats my imagination how we inflict this kind of pain on ourselves and future generations for selfish gains. The menace of galamsey negatively impacts all of us, and we must unite across social, religious, and political lines to stop it before we suffer more severe consequences," Dr. Atuahene stated.

He shared an experience with a business partner from Monaco who, upon visiting the Ghanaian countryside, asked embarrassing but legitimate questions about the severe pollution and forest destruction he witnessed. "It was a very embarrassing situation, and it made me realize the importance of promoting sustainable environmental practices," he added.

Safewings Investments Limited has been actively involved in tree planting and sustainable environmental initiatives, partnering with The Green Republic Project. Dr. Atuahene urged corporate Ghana to participate actively, as both individuals and corporations reflect our environment, and there is a need to change this negative image.

He called on all Ghanaians to engage in activities for World Environment Day on June 5th and support Green Ghana Day on June 7 to combat the effects of climate change and global warming.

Dr. Atuahene revealed that Safewings Investments Limited is working on launching environmental programs aimed at kids to instil responsible values toward the environment. "We cannot fail our kids with our irresponsible behaviour toward the environment. The least we can do is educate them so that they do not find themselves in worse situations than we currently face," he emphasized.

He concluded by noting that Safewings, through its Corporate Social Responsibility wing, focuses on education and the environment.

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