Minister unveils new Philips energy efficient led bulb

BY: Mohammed Ali
Deputy Minister for Power Hon John Abdulai Jinapor and Philips Lighting Export BV General Manager Felix Darko with the EcoBright LED bulb

 Philips Lighting on Thursday launched an energy efficient LED bulb that will allow consumers to cut down on their energy usage by up to 85% .

The new bulb designed to promote efficient energy use will help improve the public's access to energy at a time the national grid is overburdened and in need of relief.

Speaking at the unveiling of the new bulb at Palace on the Spintex Road in Accra, the Deputy Minister of Power, Mr John Abdulai Jinapor, expressed satisfaction at the innovation, adding that the importance of investing in energy efficient products cannot be underestimated as it helps consumers to save money and also help to sustain the national grid.

Mr Jinapor said: “The President takes [energy conservation] seriously and directed we take steps to ensure we increase our education on energy conservation.”


He went on to describe the cost savings achieved by switching almost 6 million government incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lights in 2007 before announcing that they were prepared now to take the next step and replace those bulbs with LED bulbs and would be partnering with Philips and other companies to do so.

He said the switch had the potential to reduce energy consumption by 50% from the current compact fluorescent bulbs’ usage.

“With these benefits it has come to light and it is quite obvious that we have to invest in energy savings, especially with lighting, as lighting is one of the primary sources of energy for the country,” he said.

Felix Darko, General Manager of Philips Lighting Export BV , said a partnership agreement with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to demonstrate the energy efficiency of the bulb  by selecting a number of their customers to change all standard bulbs in their homes to Philips LED bulbs is already in the pipeline.

He said Philips will also offer LED Street Lighting Solutions to aid government's effort to replace all conventional street lighting with LED bulbs. 

Award winning television and radio personality Anita Erskine participates in the Bike Challenge

According to Mr Darko, the street lighting technology will allow remote monitoring, determine in real time which street lights are working or not, turn lights on or off during emergency situations, or dim lights in the early morning hours as well as monitor the energy consumption of each street light, all from the comfort of ECGs office. 

He said the bulb, nicknamed 'small boy danger' due to its small size but powerful attributes, will contribute towards the company’s goal of improving lives and making the country and the world at large healthier and more sustainable.

Mr Darko said the remote management of street lighting will also save man hours needed to physically inspect conventional street lighting systems. These additional features, according to Mr Darko, will translate into significant energy and cost savings.

According to him, the product is designed to easily withstand the most severe voltage fluctuations which will bring relief to consumers and ultimately cut down on consumers electricity cost. 

The Bike Challenge
To educate consumers about the importance of energy efficiency and introduce them to the new Philips EcoBright LEDbulb, Philips Lighting also launched the Bike Challenge which consists of a light bulb powered by pedaling a stationary bike to demonstrate the amount of energy saved by switching to LED.

Deputy Minister of Power Hon John Abdulai Jinapor participates in the Bike Challenge

People at the event were encouraged to take a ride on the bike to compare the amount of effort and energy required to power a conventional bulb versus the energy saving EcoBright LEDbulb.

Visitors, who were able to cycle and power the bulb for at least ten minutes, were awarded with a brand new Philips EcoBright LEDbulb to take home.

Mr Jinapor and media personality, Anita Erskine, mounted the bike to try their hand at powering the bulb as well.


“If you are small boy danger, it means you can look small but as they say, don’t mind the body, it’s about what the engine does,” Mr  Jinapor said.

The Bike Challenge will continue at Palace for one week before moving on to the North Industrial Area branch of Melcom  for another week.