Motorola creates new frontiers

BY: Arku Jasmine

Great strides have been made within the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) industry over a very short period of time.

Each day, new developments emerge from one of the fastest growing industries with modes of soft and hardware applications developed and churned onto the market place.

Today, Motorola which we knew years back as a provider of a  two-way communication company is now in the race of providing a high tech communications solutions.

The company  which has operated in this country for the past 56 years or so  through its agents  Dizengoff and Fairgreen Ghana has introduced a variety of applications into the market through its Enterprise  Mobility  solutions to create and  enhance business solutions in the fast moving ICT market place.

Enterprise Mobility, which provides a cutting edge ICT solutions to improve the global business environment is not just limited to bar-code scanning, enterprise voice, micro kiosks and mobile computers, OEM products but also radio frequency identification and wireless broadband network.

The General Manager, Motorola  Solutions  Africa,  Mr Carlos Ferraz  in a chart with some media personnel said  Motorola was no more  a provider of  a two-way communication gadgets  but that the company now provides total  business solutions through its high tech operations.

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He said the company acquired Psion in 2012 for US$200 million in order to expand Motorola’s mobile computing portfolio  as well as gaining deep expertise in manufacturing, industrial and supply chain sectors where Psion had traditionally been very strong.

Mr Ferraz said Motorola Solutions with Psion offers complete end to end solutions for both knowledge workers and line workers.

“Currently, we can say that Motorola is a leader in all markets we serve and this include Public safety communications, enterprise mobile computing, commercial two-way and radio advanced data capture”, he said.

The company has an 80 year rich history in providing ICT solutions to its diverse customer base from government to manufacturing and field mobility; transportation  and  logistics; retail and  hospitality; energy  and utilities; education  and healthcare.

Motorola Solutions serves both enterprise and government customers with core markets in public safety government agencies and commercial enterprises. These include  public safety communications from infrastructure to applications and devices such as radios as well as task-specific mobile computing devices for enterprises.

“We produce advanced data capture devices such as barcode scanners and RFID (radio-frequency identification) products for business. We make professional and commercial two-way radios for a variety of markets, and we also bring unlicensed wireless broadband capabilities and wireless local area networks – or WLAN – to retail enterprises”.Mr Ferraz said

“As an industry leader in government and public safety, we design and develop devices including radios and the infrastructure that supports them. Our mission-critical design philosophy led to our new High Velocity Human Factors investigation, an area of cognitive research that helps us develop products for first responders by working with them in crisis situations to study their communication needs. We take what we learn in the field and bring it back to the lab to create products that will function under extreme conditions and networks that will reliably support those products”.

Working with global channel partner, Motorola Solutions reaches an extensive customer base, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. “Our focus is on developing integrated end-to-end solutions that deliver a clear return on investment, and our products empower individuals through seamless connectivity”

According to the General Manager  Motorola is committed to Africa and it was against this background that the company plans to expand its frontiers in the continent.

He said  the business model  of the company  was to sell  solutions  to customers  through  channel partners  who are also trained  and equipped  to provide  support  services  to customer organisations.

“Our first step is to expand  our existing partners so that they can cover bigger markets” he said and stated that the potential in Africa  was very huge and  not serviced. We want to see more channel partners he reiterated. 

Asked why the expansion of channels in Ghana, Mr Ferraz stated that Ghana was one  of the 10 fastest growing global economies and with a strong economy based on Gold and cocoa exports.

He said Ghana had been  considered as a an economic and democratic success story and according to US president Obama “a good news story in Africa”  and added that Ghana was an ideal location to expand business to other key West African markets like Cameroon and Senegal.

By Lloyd Evans/Graphic Business