Menzgold assures clients all is well

BY: Isaac Yeboah

A Media report Monday suggesting delays in the payment of extra values to clients of gold dealing firm, Menzgold Company Limited, has been acknowledged with a firm assurance that customers have no cause to worry.

While several banks visited to ascertain the veracity of the publication claimed they were yet to record any complaints of delays, officials of the company have hinted they encountered a few problems with some account details which have been resolved.

“What has changed is the mode of payment of extra value following our engagements with the relevant institutions. You know that previously clients could make cash calls on their extra value (dividends) directly from the company. Now all payments go through the banks,” explained George Quaye, Head of Communications at Menzgold.

He told Graphic Online that in Menzgold’s bid to better serve its clients and to regularize some of its processes, the company chose the safer and more convenient mode of working with the banks for onward transfer of the extra value to clients.

“It is safer and more convenient as clients can access their values via a number of options, whether through electronic banking, credit cards or simply by rolling them over into their bank accounts. Yes, we have heard a few complaints of delays, and those bottlenecks are being looked into to ensure that our clients are happy. The process is new and naturally, a few challenges could be expected to which we deeply apologise and assure the few affected customers that we are working with the banks to have them resolved as soon as possible."

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George Quaye further underscored the company’s readiness to assist any client unable to access their funds to retrieve same, saying Menzgold has never defaulted in the payment of extra values.

“If there are delays, of course we are ever ready to assist to resolve them. We encourage all our customers to please feel free to alert us on any challenges so we can quickly help resolve it. Our customers matter to us and we cherish them dearly. We are ready to help anyone of our clients in need of help.”

Menzgold was recently in the news disputing claims by the Bank of Ghana that it was taking deposits from clients contrary to its operational license, with the spat culminating in business meetings that appear to have straightened the way forward.