Landmark Homes' Sapphire: A Hidden Gem Redefining Luxury Living and Investment in Accra
Landmark Homes' Sapphire

Landmark Homes' Sapphire: A Hidden Gem Redefining Luxury Living and Investment in Accra

In an exciting development for Accra's high-end real estate market, dynamic property developer Landmark Homes has unveiled plans for its latest project, Sapphire. This exclusive residential complex, set to be tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac in the prestigious Labone neighbourhood, is designed to raise the bar for luxury living in Ghana's bustling capital, while also offering a compelling investment opportunity.

 Sapphire marks Landmark Homes' sophomore effort, following the resounding success of their debut project, The Madison. With The Madison nearly sold out and slated for completion in early 2025, industry watchers are keenly anticipating Sapphire's impact on the market.


 In a recent presentation of the development plans, this reporter was struck by Sapphire's unique proposed positioning. Unlike many luxury developments that dominate skylines, Sapphire is designed to offer a more discreet opulence. "We aim to create a sanctuary in the heart of the city," explained Nelly Gbogboe, Landmark Homes' Head of Sales. "Future Sapphire residents will enjoy the best of both worlds – serene living spaces just minutes away from Accra's vibrant urban scene."

 The development's standout feature in the plans is undoubtedly its innovative floating pool. Envisioned to be perched atop the apartment complex, this architectural marvel promises to offer residents a swimming experience like no other, with sweeping views of Labone.

 The proposed interiors of Sapphire's apartments are a testament to thoughtful design and attention to detail. Spacious layouts and high-end finishes are set to create an atmosphere of understated elegance. "Every element has been carefully considered in our plans," Nelly noted. "We're not just designing apartments; we're crafting homes."

 What sets Landmark Homes apart in Accra's competitive luxury real estate market? According to Nelly, it's their laser focus on customer experience and their commitment to exclusivity. "Just like the Madison, we're limiting this development to fewer than 50 apartments," she revealed. "This will allow us to maintain an intimate, community feel and ensure each resident receives the highest level of service."

 As Ghana continues to attract international investment and its middle class grows, developments like Sapphire are poised to meet increasing demand for high-quality, luxurious urban living spaces. Moreover, with the country's currency fluctuations, real estate is increasingly seen as a stable investment option. Labone, as a Grade A area, has historically shown strong returns on investment for property owners.

 "Investors in Sapphire can potentially expect annual returns of up to 12%," Nelly stated. "With the current economic climate and skyrocketing exchange rates, luxury real estate in prime locations like Labone offers a hedge against inflation while providing steady returns."

 For those looking to invest in Accra's real estate market or searching for a future home that combines privacy with proximity to the city's amenities, Sapphire presents a compelling option. It's not just a home, but a sound financial decision in uncertain times.

 Interested parties can learn more about the Sapphire plans by visiting or calling (+233) 0501 622 422. Given the swift sales of The Madison and the attractive investment potential, potential buyers would be wise to act quickly to secure their slice of this hidden gem in Labone, even at this early stage.

 As Accra's skyline continues to evolve, Sapphire stands out not for its height, but for its promise of an elevated living experience and robust investment opportunity. It's a testament to Landmark Homes' vision of luxury that prioritises comfort, community, quality, and financial prudence. In a city racing towards the future, Sapphire offers a refreshing reminder that sometimes, the most precious things come in smaller packages – and can yield significant returns.

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