Sarah Norkor Anku, Global Managing Partner- SN ANKU IP FIRM
Sarah Norkor Anku, Global Managing Partner- SN ANKU IP FIRM

IP Attorney Sarah Norkor Anku selected for International Visitor Leadership Program

Madam Sarah Norkor Anku, Global Managing Partner at SN ANKU IP FIRM has been selected as one of ten leaders to participate in the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program, the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).


This selection underscores her contributions and leadership in the field of Intellectual Property (IP).

The exchange program, titled “Intellectual Property Best Practices for Creative Entrepreneurs and Policy Makers,” will bring together distinguished professionals from Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana for the program.

 The program will provide participants with the opportunity to engage with and exchange ideas with experts in the creative industry, specifically in film and music, with a dedicated focus on copyright law and its application.

Madam Anku is a leading figure in Intellectual Property law, with over two decades of experience. As Global Managing Partner at SN ANKU IP FIRM, she navigates the intricate legal landscape of IP, offering bespoke counsel to safeguard clients' interests in Ghana, Nigeria, The Gambia, and the ARIPO region.

Her expertise in IP litigation, prosecution, and advocacy has set ground-breaking precedents, significantly shaping IP jurisprudence across the continent.

Sarah's commitment to innovation is evidenced by her role in contributing to the development of a Technology Transfer Framework for the Government of Ghana and establishing the Pan African IP Academy (SNA IP Academy). Her advisory roles extend to various governments and organizations, influencing IP policies that drive economic growth and innovation.

In addition to her legal practice, Sarah serves as an advisor and associate partner of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Policy Network. She is also a lecturer in patent law at Kwame Nkrumah University and author of two seminal works on IP Law, including a co-authored book that serves as an authoritative resource in the field enabling her to contribute significantly to both the academic field and practice of IP.  She is a sought-after speaker on IP issues globally, sharing her extensive knowledge and insights at various international forums.

Her selection for the IVLP is a testament to her influence and leadership in the field of Intellectual Property. Through this program, Sarah will engage with counterparts, exchange best practices, and further her mission of fostering innovation and protecting intellectual property rights globally.

Speaking to her nomination and expectations, Sarah Norkor Anku said "I am honoured to be selected for the International Visitor Leadership Program. The creative sector in Africa is a vibrant and dynamic landscape brimming with potential. However, it faces unique challenges such as lack of enforcements of IP laws and limited access to resources. Through this program, I look forward to showcasing the innovative work being done by African creatives, discussing the challenges they face, and exploring opportunities for growth and collaboration with my counterparts leveraging IP."

Advancing knowledge in IP among entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators

Sarah and her team recently held a multi-country hybrid webinar, connecting entrepreneurs and innovators from across Ghana, Nigeria and the Gambia to drive shared learning and knowledge exchange and to stimulate collaborations. The FIRM has been on a crusade to demystify IP and empower entrepreneurs and innovators to leverage the power of IP to drive commercial and transformative change including hosting a seminar with women entrepreneurs to mark World IP Day on 26th April 2024.

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