Ghanaians urged to insure lives, properties

Author: Maclean Kwofi

The Managing Director of Imperial General Assurance, Mrs Esther Osei Yeboah, has advised Ghanaians to take insurance policies more seriously by insuring their properties against any eventualities.

According to her, many people did not recognise the need for insurance until they encountered accidents, a situation she described as disturbing.

Speaking to the media in Accra, Mrs Yeboah said “incomes are low and, therefore, having an insurance policy does not fall on the priority list of most people”.

She also added that although there had been series of education on insurance, many people did not bother to make an attempt to insure themselves and their properties.

“Businesses, homes, and other general possessions one acquires in life are meant to serve as some form of guarantee for ensuring a stable and comfortable life; the question however remains on how fortified these life guarantees are and what the assurance is that our possessions will continue to provide the stability and comfort we as modern human beings so desire,” she asked.

She said “home built 20 years ago which still holds dear all your cherished memories, the vehicle you bought your child and the successful business you sacrificed years in building are some of life’s greatest investments which must be guarded and protected with utmost jealousy”.

“Measures must always be in place to reduce and support uncertainties in business and human life, the fear of sudden loss should not be a phenomenon which should plague us constantly, and that is why at Imperial General Assurance there is no compromise on the quest to provide the best assurance products to guarantee security and a sound mind for the customer,” Mrs Yeboah observed.

About Imperial General Assurance

Imperial General Assurance Company Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian Insurance company licensed by the National Insurance Commission of Ghana and operating under the wing of Global Haulage Company Limited.

The core mandate is to ensure the customer’s soundness of mind through the provision of insurance products with the best security, while working with a well-trained and highly motivated winning team, thereby guaranteeing enhanced shareholder value.

For three years, Imperial General Assurance has contributed significantly to the growth of the Ghanaian insurance industry through the provision of a myriad of sound non-life insurance products and services which included; motor insurance, assets all risk policy, burglary-private or business premises, goods in transit policy, personal and group accident cover.

“At Imperial General Assurance, the core values of integrity, honesty, empathy, respect and accountability are deeply entrenched in the day to day execution of our operational duties as well as the relationships we develop and maintain with our valued customers” she added.

Three years of security, innovation and excellence in the Ghanaian insurance industry; Imperial General Assurance is well on its way to becoming the most financially robust insurance company in Ghana.