Challenge the status-quo - Kofi Amoabeng advises the youth

BY: GraphicOnline
Challenge the status-quo - Kofi Amoabeng advises the youth
Challenge the status-quo - Kofi Amoabeng advises the youth

Prince Kofi Amoabeng, a retired Military Captain and Ghanaian businessman has encouraged the youth to question what is generally accepted or how things are normally done in Ghana.

To him, having a career in the military never hindered his ambition to redirect his career into the finance and business sector.

He encouraged the younger generation to take on responsibility and make an impact on issues that relatively affect them.

“Wondering what to look out for when considering your future career, I’d advise the youth not to always accept the status quo," Mr Amoabeng said in an interview with Akosua Hanson on Y107.9 FM’s YLeaderboard Series.

"If there’s something that irks you, gives you sleepless nights and headaches, look at yourself and take up the challenge to change the situation. We’re all here to change the world and every human has a call to do something.

"You go somewhere and people are treated wrongly or you’re even treated wrongly, you should question the reason for that, and that may be someone’s call. You may not do something about it but if you believe in your consciences and you have the expertise to change that, just do it. That is your call and that is what may change the world around you."

The founder of the defunct UT-Bank further counselled the youth to be humble and show respect to everyone they come across in the course of their lives.

“To be principled and disciplined is to have respect for all. We’re all creatures of God and you’re only a tiny part of it. Therefore if you love God for what he’s given to you, make sure you give back, and the only way we can give back to him is to respect his creation,” he indicated.

In an attempt to inspire and motivate the youth, the businessman has also published his first book titled, “The UT Story: Humble Beginnings”. The book throws more light on his youthful days, military experiences and his several years of experience in the corporate world.