Business community must harness resources

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

He called on the Christian community in the business world to let Christ and integrity be the focus of their endeavours.

As Christians doing business, he said when they sought the face of God, their businesses would thrive and  the hand of God would open doors for them.

He urged Christians not to practice the kind of Christianity which had become a fashion where many people just followed the crowd.

He said "God wants us to succeed because it is when we succeed that his glory is revealed".

"We have a God who is able to rise up against the limitations we face", he stated, adding that God was keener to see them progress.

He called on people to be committed to what was right and not what was expedient.

The former Managing Director of First Capital Plus, Mr Ato Essien, in a presentation, called on Christians in the business community to labour by faith.

According to him, faith was the substance of things hoped for, adding that "all you need is hope".

In business, he said there were four levels of labour, which he enumerated as manual, technical, management and faith labour, saying that having faith was not different from the reality.

A Justice of the Appeals Court, Justice Marfo Sau, who spoke on the theme "Christian competitive advantage in business", called on Christians to apply the gospel to their businesses and not only be hearers of the word but doers as well.

He said God would neither abandon nor forsake his people and that God gives his people competitive advantage.

However, he said the advantage that Christians had was not given on a silver platter but "we have to fulfill certain obligations in the scriptures, including tithing to succeed.

A Christian Businessman, Mr Kwasi Frimpong  who spoke on the "Principles of godliness", said as a Christian business fellow, "challenges will come no matter what but God will see you through".

Story by Rebecca Quaicoe-Duho