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Directors of Care For Africa International presenting the items to Akropong School for the Blind
Directors of Care For Africa International presenting the items to Akropong School for the Blind


Care for Africa International, Inc.(CFAI), is a divine inspired NGO which started in Accra, Ghana in 1995 and currently has offices in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America. 

Care for Africa International, Inc. is an international NGO with a mission dedicated to supporting and empowering the Hearing and Visually Impaired, the Underprivileged and Orphans.

The CFAI non-profit organization has been providing the listed vulnerable groups with basic necessities, educational supplies and healthcare.

We believe that providing the necessary support enables them to focus on tapping into their full potential, helping empower and rehabilitate where needed, as well as allowing individuals to gain the skills necessary to eventually grow to be independent and self-sufficient contributors to society.

The expansion of the offices to the United States makes it possible for donors within the region to make contributions and provide support from U.S accounts while gaining a tax deductible benefit.

Over the years, Care for Africa International, Inc. has provided support to institutions that cater for both the physically and mentally challenged, and endeavors to continue to be the extended helping hand to the populations in need who are otherwise easily forgotten.

In October 2020, Care for Africa International embarked on a successful campaign dubbed the “WE CARE Campaign 2020” in response to the COVI9 Pandemic in Ghana. Much needed food and COVID PROTOCOL good hygiene items were provided to institutions CFAI support’s - Mampong School for the Deaf, and Akropong School for the Blind. The goal of the “We Care” campaign was to ensure safety protocols and precautionary measures are adhered to in order to successfully keep the student populations safe and healthy in these challenging times.

Donations included food items; Gari (a cassava flour dry cereal), Maize, Rice, as well as personal hygiene items; Hand sanitizers, Liquid soap, Paper towels, Toilet rolls and Veronica buckets (a portable mechanism for hand washing originating in Ghana with a bucket of water, soap and a wash basin for effective and convenient handwashing).

CFAI warmly welcomes individuals, sponsors and donor organizations who would like to partner with us on this mission to do so per Monetary Donations as well as Donations in kind to meet this urgent need.

Links to contact us for more information or to donate are available through our website and social media pages provided below.
Website: http://www.careforafricaint.org 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/care-for-africa-international-ngo-0104311a1/ 

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CareForAfricaInternational 
Facebook handle: @CareForAfricaInternational 
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Instagram handle: @careforafrica_international 

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