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Yoo!Mart chain opens second superstore on Graphic Road

Yoo!Mart, a new Ghanaian food retail chain for middle-class families and for small businesses, opens its second location, the Yoo!Mart Superstore, on the Graphic Road, opposite Toyota Ghana and next to the Honda Place, Accra.

Established in 2013 with its first superstore in Kasoa in 2014, Yoo!Mart has real Ghanaian stores and aims to offer the lowest prices for brands that Ghana loves.

Kasoa store

“Following the highly successful Yoo!Mart Superstore Kasoa, Yoo!Mart Graphic Road will allow Accra families and small businesses to ‘Get More for Less,’” the Marketing Manager, Ms Pragyan Roy said.

Spanning more than 1,000 square metres with convenient parking for customers and employing more than 60, Yoo!Mart Graphic Road offers drinks for all tastes, ice cream, best rice and oil, fresh tilapia and frozen fish, fresh goat meat and frozen meat, soaps and household items. Yoo!Mart Graphic Road has a roomy air-conditioned ‘food-joint’ offering freshly made, hot meals and healthy lunches to business people, office workers and families, with large screen TVs to watch football matches.

“Yoo!Mart Superstore sells products both in individual packaging and in cash and carry style multipacks at even lower prices. Loyalty discount cards are available for large buyers such as small business owners, chop bars and container shops,” Ms Roy said.

Second store

The Store Director, Mr Sherif Sakitey, said: “I am very happy to open this second superstore of Yoo!Mart. We hope to bring modern shopping experience at prices same or lower than those on the open markets and it’s great to see ordinary local people buying at Yoo!Mart.

Our stores are streamlined and neat and as a store director, I see how this significantly reduces our operating costs. For example, we save electricity by having natural lighting and ventilation, solar-powered parking lights and rainwater collection, and we pass these savings to our customers!”

The Chief Executive of Yoo!Mart, Mr Sergei Iuschenko, added: “Our first superstore in Kasoa attracts more than a thousand customers daily, proving that people love Yoo!Mart’s format. The superstore on the Graphic Road brings our format to central Accra.”

“Our strategy is to offer the best prices in Ghana for the products that Ghana loves, especially products that are made or grown in Ghana. This strategy will help us expand nationally and bring the lowest prices to Ghanaians,” he added.