Watford striker facing four-match ban after middle-finger gesture

BY: Graphic.com.gh
Troy Deeney
Troy Deeney

Watford striker Troy Deeney is facing a four-match ban for his middle-fingered gesture against Chelsea, depending on whether the referee saw the incident.


The FA is waiting for Mike Dean’s match report before they decide on their next steps. If Dean didn’t see the incident, Deeney could receive a two-match ban for making an obscene gesture.

That two-match ban would automatically increase to four matches, because the striker already has two red cards this season. Each red card adds an extra match on to any subsequent bans.

This means, if Deeney does receive the ban, he’ll miss Watford trip to the Emirates to face Arsenal on March 11.

If the referee did see the incident, then the FA can’t act on it.

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere received a two-match suspension for the gesture against Manchester City in 2013. Troy Deeney is likely to receive the same basic punishment for the same thing.

However, Dele Alli only picked up a one-match ban when he did it while playing for England in an international match.

Clearly FIFA felt a lot more lenient towards the Spurs player than the FA did towards Wilshere and Deeney.