Champion of Unity through Tennis: Gina Asiedu-Ofei honoured at African Community Service Awards 2023
Champion of Unity through Tennis: Gina Asiedu-Ofei honoured at African Community Service Awards 2023

Champion of Unity through Tennis: Gina Asiedu-Ofei honoured at African Community Service Awards 2023

In the realm of philanthropy and tennis, one name has risen above the rest, capturing the essence of unity and passion. Gina Asiedu-Ofei, an unassuming Ghanaian with an unwavering love for tennis since the tender age of six, has emerged as a beacon of hope and change, impacting lives through her non-profit organization, Bergins Outreach Inc.


The stage was set on September 3rd at the Hilton Hotel in the USA, where the African Community Service Awards (ACSA 2023) unfolded. Among the hundreds seated to witness the celebration of African excellence was Gina Asiedu-Ofei, affectionately known as @daroyalbaby in the virtual realm.

The accolade bestowed upon Gina was a culmination of her remarkable contributions to tennis, both within her native Ghana and across borders. Her foundation, Bergins Outreach, has become synonymous with the empowerment of aspiring tennis players, fostering the love for the game while creating an inclusive environment.

The heart of Bergins Outreach lies in its mission to break down barriers and provide opportunities. Through this philanthropic venture, Gina and her team have generously supplied tennis equipment to children and adults alike, igniting the fire of passion within their hearts.

In a moment that radiated humility and grace, Gina expressed her gratitude to the ACSA for recognizing her dedication through Bergins Outreach. Her words echoed her commitment to the African continent and her desire to continue making a meaningful impact.

Bergins Outreach's influence stretches far and wide, reaching numerous tennis clubs across Ghana's sixteen regions. With every donated equipment piece, the foundation's love for the sport is palpable, serving as a catalyst for the young and young-at-heart to embrace tennis.

Her philanthropic prowess is underlined by the list of beneficiaries Bergins Outreach has supported. From the Ho Tennis Club, St. Francis Tennis Academy, and Atomic Tennis Club, to name a few.
Gina's dedication transcends geographical boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on aspiring players.

The story of Gina's commitment culminated in the Tennis Social Event held at The Reach Tennis Club in Accra, on July 7th, 2023. This event wasn't just about forehands and volleys; it was about connecting minds, building relationships, and nurturing a community united by tennis.

The African Community Service Awards (ACSA 2023) encapsulated the vibrancy of the continent, enveloping patrons and awardees in the richness of African music and cuisine. Gina's recognition added another layer of inspiration, highlighting the immense potential for individuals to drive change.

Gina's acceptance speech resonated with everyone present at the event. Her journey, was fueled by her parents' Albert and Georgina Asiedu-Ofei’s legacy, is a testament to the transformative power of sports and community service. In her own words, "Receiving the African Community Service Award is like hitting a perfect backhand – unexpected, thrilling, and incredibly satisfying."

As Gina Asiedu-Ofei continues to serve as an emblem of philanthropy and tennis, her story reminds us that every swing, every gesture of kindness, and every boundary broken carries the potential to unite, inspire, and transform. With her unwavering spirit, Gina is playing on, playing strong, and making the world a better place through the beautiful game of tennis.
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